LG No Picture, Screen Flash 47LN5200 47LN5400 47LA6200 47LN5700 47LN5750 47LN5790

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Repair of a LG 47 inch TV with only a screen flash. Involves replacing individual LED’s in the LCD panel.
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20 Replies to “LG No Picture, Screen Flash 47LN5200 47LN5400 47LA6200 47LN5700 47LN5750 47LN5790”

  1. Sam Moss

    have the exact same model and when powered on the only thing that lights is the red on/off indicator. those strips I've found range from $50 on up price wise. had a 65" Samsung stop working all together an come to find out it was bad capacitors, replaced those an bingo all good.

  2. Giblet535

    Since the vendors have created a consumable item with those LEDs, I would think the replacement LED strips would be reasonably priced and readily available from vendors. At least from the big vendors. Am I wrong? Would it make more sense to source LEDs with the same color temp and series-add double the number of LEDs originally provided? It seems like that would prevent subsequent failures, and dim the screen only slightly (voltage drop) from the original.

  3. Tim Okkers

    I have exactly the same symptom and checked the leds they all OK. I then connected the led supply to another set of leds with the same flashing symptom so it seem the power supply is faulty. My TV is an LG 55B652T and the one led supply feeds voltage to 2 strips of 11 leds and the other supply feeds 3 strips of 11 leds. I'm assuming the protection circuit comes into effect. Is their any way to repair the power supply board without replacing the power supply.

  4. Infiniti25

    Thanks for the video, very helpful. I was working specifically on a LG 47LN575V-ZE from the UK. I ended up with a cracked panel by taking out the plastic frame and not taking each layer out like you did. I also highly suggest everyone copies your cradling method by putting their arm under the panel before lifting out. The frame on mine went flexible and allowed the panel to sag in the middle allowing enough pressure from gravity to make the dreaded noise 🙁

  5. Glenn Barker

    Thank you (long belated) for the great and very informative video! I am diagnosing a 55LA6200-UA and would like to ask for your advice.

    Symptoms: At power-on, I get the LG cube (full screen) for about 1 second, then black. (No stripes or flashes.) Flashlight test shows me normal TV screen, telling me the T-con and main board are good, leaving the LED driver circuits (power board) and LED strips as the main suspects.

    So. I metered out both of the LED+ terminals on the main power board for voltage. With the LEDs connected, at power-on the the LEDs blink and voltage jumps to 150(+/-), then quickly recedes and settles at "normal" of 85.5 volts. Then, with the LEDs disconnected, I get the same result. I'm left with no clear indication if the problem is power board or LEDs.

    Any other tests I can do on the power board to identify the problem before I do a full disassembly of the TV?

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