LG Nano Cell 65" Display – Don't Buy A New TV Until You See This!

Is The LG Nano Cell The Best Tv For Gaming Under $1500?
LG Nano Cell TV Product Page :


LG 65″ Super UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV

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30 Replies to “LG Nano Cell 65" Display – Don't Buy A New TV Until You See This!”

  1. john johnny

    Can someone help me please? I am really torn between nano cell 8 series 55 inch vs 65 inch tcl latest 6 series, i have played some 4k games on tcl 6 series at friends house, the HDR is jaw dropping, but the problem is, TCL has high failure rate, is nano cell lg HDR better or as good?

  2. David

    No one cares about the tech in the tv or if it’s good for gaming!! The picture quality, the black levels, and the viewing angles is all we want to know about!

  3. Josh Richard

    Just for reference,, I like xbox one x and horror movies.. Sold a Samsung had a vizio twice and got a nano cell 75sm8670pua… Vizio m or p series is fantastic.. The nano cell slightly better not much… Samsung banks on brights and colors and terrible blacks and viewing angles.. The terrible blacks turn me off Samsung no matter how good you tell. Me the TV is. Vizio or LG is the way to go

  4. Joe Momma

    I play cs-go and killer instinct on a zowie Ben q xL2546 (240hz/1080p/DyAc) monitor
    It has 1ms response time. I can’t game on anything slower.

    But I did just pick up an LG C8 65” OLED on Black Friday (not exactly a crazy deal. Still expensive) and it is fuckin amazing for 4k. I can’t believe how good it is. Since The only two games I play are competitive, I will play on the higher performance monitor

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