LG HOM-BOT SQUARE Quietly But Thoroughly At Work

Sometimes, it’s better being square.

The square-shaped design of LG’s Home-Bot and its long side brushes are able to reach corners and walls closer than round-shaped robotic vacuum cleaners. Giving your home a better, more detailed cleaning.

For more information about LG HOM-BOT SQUARE please visit:

23 Replies to “LG HOM-BOT SQUARE Quietly But Thoroughly At Work”

  1. Rebecca Pugh

    Like adding a new member to the family🌼 We have had a hard time keeping up with golden retriever fur until "Willy" arrived (you have to name the robot). Amazing how much this guy picks up. We may have an unusual test for a robot, as our flooring goes from medium heavy carpet to white tile in the kitchen. So far, no problem, and it works as well on tile as it does on carpet. Very pleased with this choice!

  2. ̐

    I got exactly the same dust creatures but mine are armed as it is normal in US and will shot the sheriff but not a deputy of course. Do you have an armoured version?

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