LG GX OLED TV Review (Wall-Mount Installation)

We review the LG GX (pronounced as G10) OLED TV which has been designed to be wall-mounted flush against the wall. Topics covered include near-black handling, colour accuracy, motion performance including [OLED Motion Pro] 120Hz black frame insertion, video processing, screen uniformity, HDR including Dolby Vision, as well as input lag + AMD Freesync Premium support (added by firmware 3.10.xx) for gaming. We also demonstrate the ThinQ AI hands-free voice assistant.

Our LG GX review sample is the 65-inch LG OLED65GX, but it also comes in 55-inch (OLED55GX) and 77-inch (OLED77GX) screen sizes.

This video was graded and uploaded in HDR10, and so is best viewed on an HDR display. Please let us know how it looks to you in the Youtube comment section below.

Our LG GX wall-mount installation was done professionally by Mr James Irvine who does AV installs in North West England. His email is manchesterinstalls AT gmail.com

Thanks to UK online retailer Box.co.uk for sponsoring this video. If you’re thinking about getting a new TV, even if it’s not the LG GX, please support this channel by considering buying from them:

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29 Replies to “LG GX OLED TV Review (Wall-Mount Installation)”


    seeing all your tests, you can advise me how many oled to buy with 77 "size, I prefer Panasonic and currently I have Panasonic but unfortunately the 77" does not produce them, I hope you can give me an answer, thank you, a greeting from Italy

  2. Dream Box

    Did not realise zero performance difference between CX and GX versions. Thanks for confirming.Still considering it as GX has free wall mounting installation offer at moment.

  3. Yenoy Music

    Hi!! Nice content!! I got a question. It is safe to unplug my lg cx from the power at least after 10 minutes of turning off? I heard it does pixel refreshing or something and you hear a click once is done. Its safe to unplug after that? Where i live theres common thunderstorms and i dont like to leave electronics connected at night. But also afraid of doing harm. Its my first oled. First day xD Hope you can help me! Thanks!!

  4. MadFinnTech

    I don't understand why people are so obsessed with the voice commanding their shit. I rather just push the buttons on the remote! The only application I can understand is accessibility for the disabled.

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