LG GX/ CX vs Sony A8 (A8H) 2020 OLED TV Comparison

We compare the picture quality of the LG GX vs the Sony A8 (also marketed as the Bravia A8H in the USA), both 2020 OLED TVs. Our findings can also be applied to the LG CX which has the same panel and video processing as the GX.

Topics covered include near-black handling, colour accuracy, motion performance including 120Hz BFI, video processing including upscaling, screen uniformity, HDR including Dolby Vision, as well as gaming including input lag.

Our review samples are the 65-inch LG OLED65GX and Sony KD-65A8.

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46 Replies to “LG GX/ CX vs Sony A8 (A8H) 2020 OLED TV Comparison”

  1. Liam Featherstone

    In the UK we have about 10 HD channels on all are TV no TV programme is shot in 4k on TV if you stream TV programmes then you can get certain ones in 4k David Attenborough for example

    But why do we even still have TV if its recorded in not even 720p its shite
    And they charge a shit ton for what it is

    Filthy BBC that's what it is

  2. Silk Lion

    The LG looked brighter ony paper BUT when watching HDR content the GX looked actually brighter? That sentence sounds like something changed but the LG looks brighter all the way!

  3. James T

    I have the Sony A9G 4K OLED (the previous flagship model) and when watching bluray discs (1080p) my older model LG EA9800 OLED (1080p) looks far superior and sharper. I am not sure if this is the flavour of the tv, or the upscaling on the Sony. Perhaps when the Sony is upscaling it just doesn't look as good as a native 1080p picture compared with a 1080p display. Perhaps the LG just has a sharper and more clear pictures than Sony in general?

  4. lukasz877

    Dobra Panowie nie znam Angielksiego ;/ Jest mi wstanie ktoś powiedziec co Oni tu mówią własnie się zastanawiam właśnie nad OLDEM LG & SONY ? Nie wiem co mam wybrać ;/ Do oglądania tylko TV Netflixa i inne pornhuby nie mam konsoli i nawet nie wiem co to jest …

  5. ATJ Lučko

    Excellent video, Thanks for that what are you doing, just perfect!
    Two question for you!
    First; why you compare GX/CX instead E line or W line LG OLED TV products?!
    Second; can you so it comparison betwen SONY AG9 4K UHD/LG W/E last models/PANASONIC TX-65HZ2000E, all in 65' version?!
    Thanks in advance for any answer or video!
    Warm regards from Croatia!

  6. RON89

    i was the C9 & CX’s biggest fan on earth for the past 2 years (yes i am an lg oled fanboy) until i went in to the store and saw a side by side comparison of the CX and the Sony A8… i was left absolutely speechless. i could not believe my eyes. The Sony blew away the CX. The Sony was hands down the clear winner. I am not a gamer i only watch sports and movies, so everything that’s important to me such as the colour gradient, sharpness, contrast and motion, Sony was better in all departments. No competition. What’s shocking to me is that it wasn’t just a little bit better, it was MILES ahead. No exaggeration. I can not stress how important it is you see both these TVs side by side in person if ur considering 55inch Oled. However i don’t like the android software (iphone user) and love the LG webOS and LG remote control. Clearly the CX is hands down the best for gaming, however for a non gamer i am absolutely torn between the two. They are both 55inch and the same price. I need to make a decision asap as black Friday is in a couple of days. It’s worth mentioning the guy at the store mentioned the Sony was already calibrated, whereas the LG CX wasn’t. I’m more than willing to pay extra for calibration for the CX but will it make it better than the Sony?……

  7. Cowabunga dude!

    I'm not a TV techie, I just bought the KD55A85BU. and stupidly I'm only looking at this review now afterwards.

    The "Sony KD55A85BU" was the same price as the "LG OLED55CX6LA"

    I love watching Vincent's videos despite not understanding 99% of what he's saying, but I watch them because of the effort he puts into all of the videos.

    Can you Vincent or someone else tell me if I made the wrong or right choice?

    I haven't played with the settings, but I do see judder when watching movies and I was hoping I wouldn't get that after upgrading from my old tv.

    many thanks for any serious and helpful comments

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