8 Replies to “LG Gram 17 Unboxing and First Impressions”

  1. Simon Bear

    Thanks for the video. I'm planning to get this when I go to the US this summer for studies. My wife has the 14". Would you recommend it for a MA student that probably needs to carry it around and do a lot of research + type a lot of papers? Also I'm curious about the insides of US spec because I heard it's a bit different from the Korean spec.

    – The letters aren't carved in on the keyboard so the backlight doesn't illuminate the letters just the peripherals, right?
    – I think the battery is a 72kWh battery in both. I wish it was bigger. They certainly had space. I guess they wanted to keep it under 3 pounds.

  2. Alfonso R. Herrera

    Hello! Thanks for the video! I am curious about the display which definitely seems to be a Glossy one. I however in Amazon questions the manufacturer said it was not Glossy.

    I would love it to be a matte anti glare finish. Could you confirm please ?

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