LG Google TV review

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Virginia Barry, one of our newest TV experts, goes hands-on with the LG Google Smart TV.

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21 Replies to “LG Google TV review”

  1. Sherry Armstrong

    google play on tv in general are stupid are not that smart they limit you on what you can get . your not allowed to download every thing that google play has to offer;; best just to get a regualar wifi tv and buy a andriod box , where you can make it what you want it

  2. 1misanthropist

    Question : What's the point of apps ( specific website tiles)? If it's got a web browser then that will include everything. My tv that i hooked up today comes with vudu, youtube and netflix apps. No browser. Sucks, but it's getting hooked up to my pc soon.

  3. Gnankman Douti

    Ugly tv with the new upgraded Google chrome. The previous Google software wss great until these fools updated this current one. Will never recommend this tv to anyone. I spent a fortune on this LG Google TV and I am disappointed. Useless make. Find something else guys

  4. SuzukiluvrRX11

    I have this tv and I completely hate it. It hogs the internet , always plays videos on the highest quality which makes it have to load longer. I connected it through my phones hotspot to see how much data it uses , in less than 5 minutes it racked up 300 mb just from trying to look at youtube.

  5. Justin Credible

    If you have a wall mount tv, you have to install the IR blaster cables that dangle down the wall from the tv. UGLY, disfunctional tv. So sorry I bought one. The regular smart tv's look so much smarter now ๐Ÿ™ A pig with a low IQ blaster is still a pig!

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