45 Replies to “LG G8X Proves Foldables are Coming!”

  1. KashCamera

    Bro this phone sucks! Dont buy it you'll be disappointed. The dual screen doesn't rotate automatically….even when watching vids! Nw on the dutflix and other apps will force wide screen..upside down!!!


    Bhai kisi ka koi bhi hardware bekar hua hai kya lg g8x ka mera proximity senser work nahi kar raha hai mmaine 18 October ko purchase kiya hai 2020 me sahi ho jayega kya koi please reply do aur kahan par banega phone please batao

  3. Ravi Verma

    Sir I am from India and I got this device in just 20,000 inr. I am very happy using this flagship. I can play constant 60fps in every game at max graphics. But I have to tone down graphics in genesis impact. Camera is same as iPhone 11 and dinamic range is far better than iphone 11 and videos has same quality as iPhone 11. Everything is just awesome. Very very happy. I am planning to get samsung flagships but I hate Exynos. This is my luck that I got this. Dual screen is just waohhhhhh

  4. too far

    unlocked for $500, made sense to buy this over a tablet as it will, literally, just be my at home walking around watching videos while on the treadmill or rowing machine or whatnot device. I'm pretty darn happy with it.

  5. D. Rose

    This phone is amazing for the price. I loved it. I just hate that its so damn big! You can't fit that in regular women pockets ! Hopefully they make a smaller version down the line. That's why I switched to the z flip now.

  6. Darshan Reddy

    I watched this video before buying this for 19k. Changed mind not to buy. But watching people going crazy over this made me think again and bought this for 25k. I think he has something against LG

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