LG G8 & V50 ThinQ: Now with Portrait Video!!!

The LG G8 ThinQ and V50 ThinQ mark a change for LG. With the LG8 bringing Air Gestures & the V50 ThinQ packing 5G. If you are interested in an unboxing or review of both the LG V50 ThinQ & LG G8 ThinQ. Leave a comment below.

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30 Replies to “LG G8 & V50 ThinQ: Now with Portrait Video!!!”

  1. chuck dwag

    Good video bro very informative.i was curious the LG g8 doesn't have a ir blaster? is there any way I can control my ac, tv and gaming console if I buy this?? I have a s6 and would like to upgrade to this lg g8.i don't see any YouTubers doing any in depth videos about the video recording…would be nice to see all the options the phone can do.

  2. charles r. burnette

    Good video as usual, however, I am going to get the V50 anyway, I really want that second screen case, according to digital trends at the MWC, it's not coming to the USA 🤨🤔? Somebody help me get my hands on it, great addition to my V50.

  3. Yohanel Urena

    i hope they actually mention the camerason the g8 and v50 are flushed into the back of the phones when comparing to other devices. next year people will go crazy when samsung will do it. mark my words

  4. Lifegoson 1

    First review to say that the new features are cool it is cool I'm glad I found u everone want to hate on lg people complain that iphone don't inovat but when lg comes up with new innovated stuff people still complain I'm glad you are different way to go man

  5. Dr Richard Arerbac

    Literally LG Electronic are always the first and the most innovators That's the reason why LG are the most underrated manufacturing company in the market and in the world, LG always develop the most amazing Devices's features when it comes about smart phones LG makes the most unbelievable features in their cameras, that's why they call it artificial Intelligence, I just bought the LG Signature 65 Smart TV and I'e been Wondering whether they or someone is spying me, because I talk to that TV and it does what I command,

  6. Jaiswal Siddharth

    This ToF sensor is nuts. It can do everything AR, Face ID, Portrait video, Vein id, Gestures………. And it doesn't need other accessories like IR blaster and other things required for face Id.
    Just one camera that can do everything.

  7. Olanlokun Daramola

    WOW! Good to see LG innovate now that a lot of phones are copying the wide angles cameras they popularized. The Screen being the speaker is terrific, I also like the second screen accessory, its like a more bigger dual screen mode. Can't wait to see what these can really extend to.

  8. The RaRa85

    The battery size on the V50 is what LG should've went with on the V40 to begin with.🙄 Freaking LG: my favorite OEM that makes some questionable decisions. I think I'm going Nokia this year!

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