LG G8 ThinQ: First week impressions from an LG fan!

LG G8 first impressions! One week in, let’s talk about this new LG flagship. What do I like? What might be a concern? Will this be a Galaxy killer? Let’s dig in!
LG G8 Camera Overview
LG G8 Audio Overview
LG G8 vs G7 One Year Upgrade?

SomeGadgetGuy’s Gear List
Panasonic G85
Panasonic 15mm f/1.7
Panasonic 25mm f/1.7
Audio-Technica Lavalier
Focusrite 6i6 Audio Interface
Shure SM57 Microphone
Cloudlifter CL1
LED Light Panels
Elgato HD60 S

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24 Replies to “LG G8 ThinQ: First week impressions from an LG fan!”

  1. Scott Ivlow

    LG had always allowed to Alphabetize apps in the app drawer you go the app drawer click on 3 dots upper right corner select sort by then on click name or download date. There are only 2 options. Also there are LG users that prefer horizontal pages. Me especially I can view all my apps on a single page. Just this guy prefer LG to be Nova Launcher doesn't me the rest of us has to agree with him and it's choice what launcher he wants. But for those that don't want to screw up their phones I just prefer LG to do thing simple with organizing app. Like page to page.

  2. Dr. donna Walter

    @JuanBagnell – now that folks have been able to use this phone for a bit I have heard some say they were having problems with lagging. Are you finding the same challenge?

    I enjoy the depth of your videos. Thank you.

  3. NY Mogul

    I might be going LG for my next phone. My Nexus 5X has been great and I've owned LG's before. Plus I don't like in-screen fingerprint scanners, don't like Active Edge and not plopping down over a grand for a SG Note 10+ with only a 60 Hz refresh rate especially when the SG 11 is right around the corner.

  4. rascal

    Don't love it. I switched over from HTC U11 (which was horrible) but the LG doesn't have a lot of common sense features that HTC was very good with. For example, the vibration alerts is barely noticeable when I receive texts. Unlike HTC, where I could customize and adjust vibration strength and pattern, LG can't. Just one, tiny, short, and very weak vibration for text alert. Stupid. Also, a small but very practical control option that's missing is the ability to control multiple volumes. For instance, on HTC, if you were casting media to your TV (for example) you use the volume rockers to control the volume on your TV, BUT (unlike LG) when you're controlling your volume you can also control the volume on your phone, or on device media if you happen to be looking at something else on your screen. This is useful for when your spouse is watching something steaming from your phone on the TV in the living room while you're in the kitchen watching something on your phone YouTube. HTC was very good with small, practical functions like that. Also, there's no screen calibration for touch accuracy. That's a big factor that helps tremendously with usability. Surprised it doesn't have it. Same with calibration for the accelerometer. I have to shake it and fight with it to re orient. So yeah, could be good if they put a little more work in on the details.

  5. Vyas Chady

    I've been using LG phones for 4 years, v10, G6, v20, now v40. Once you go LG you can't go anything else. Neither Samsung nor Huawei can compete. I did not want to swap my v20 because it had the removable battery and IR blaster. Then a few weeks ago it dropped in the pool and stopped working, i went to check out the Note 9 and the Mate 20 Pro but could not customise them the same as the LG. So, i got the v40. It is too good.

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