LG G7 ThinQ vs LG V30: first look

Now that the LG G7 ThinQ is here, it’s really going to need come at us with an even more compelling package if it has any chance of continuing LG’s streak with the V30…

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36 Replies to “LG G7 ThinQ vs LG V30: first look”

  1. Iow3freq [Alex]

    Having had the Dual sim variant of the V30 silver for 11 months now (sadly with cracked screen albeit small-ish one) I would rather buy another used v30 in good condition than a new G7 saving me about £200-£300 UK pounds. v30 looks better, g7 looks too narrow to me.

  2. Jacktheboss4life

    Im because i dropped my lg stylo 2v while running and broke the screen it still works its just now there a big crack on the bottom left I contacted version and said that they No longer had any stylo 2v due to the endof production and I like these types of phones because all buttons are on the back

  3. Brent

    I do like the new camera arrangement, and the fact that it has a dedicated power button and not a power button fingerprint button, and the slightly bigger screen, but other then that they are pretty much the same phone with only a few minor differences.

  4. Ken Olbinado

    Love my v20 till today..might get the v30 soon but damn.. all these smartphone companies releasing so many newer models in a short period of time is ridiculously insane. Model names are longer and bit complicated but all sounds the same.. just like the title in all the fast and furious movies.

  5. A Person

    I like the v30, looks wider. I hate the skinny so look of the g7. I'm leaving samsung for the v30 to avoid that annoying Bixby button. Why did they copy and add that to the g7?! Om waiting for the v40. Large, wide, no AI button and less bloatware will be a winner.

  6. Zamblot

    My nexus 6p hit a bootloop so i got a lg g6. I dont like spending tons on phones and paying around 400 pounds more for an upgrade isnt worth it imo. If i can somehow keep this phone in perfect working condition until next year im assuming it will go the LG way and drop in price to around 120 pounds whilst the g7 will hopefully be around 200 pounds at that time. (Im talking about used prices as thats how i always buy phones). Ill then sell my G6 used for around 120 and buy the g7 for 80 pounds. I can have a slightly worse phone for a year to save 320 pounds right?

  7. Sam Starr

    Leaves no doubt that there will actually be a v40. Too many features that didn't succeed to the G7 from the v30.
    The notch on the v40 would be great if it has the functionality of the 2nd screen on my v20. I love the 2nd screen, just wish it was better placed similar to the notch on the G7.
    V40 needs:
    Stereo speakers
    Directional mics
    Dual front cams
    MIL-SPEC drop rating(S)
    18:9(wider is better)
    35K+ battery
    No separate power button
    Built-in power source for quad DAC
    Fullvision OLED screen
    IR sensor

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