LG G7 ThinQ review

The LG G7 ThinQ is the latest flagship smartphone from LG. The G7 features a customizable notch, quad DAC, and ultra bright LCD display.


Here’s a link to buy the LG G7 ThinQ:

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43 Replies to “LG G7 ThinQ review”

  1. Nick Hoffman

    I used the iPhone x and the LG g7, and I'm still using the g7 and it literally puts the iPhone to shame. I like both iPhones and LG phones. The LG g7 has so many customizations like the always on display, the fonts, icons. Literally almost everything is customizable. Maybe try actually using the LG g7 before you make it sound like a Ken doll.

  2. Greg Maggio

    Just because everyone and their uncle drives the Honda Accord, doesn't mean that another brand is at the very least different, and in todays world where everyone is turning into a ditto-head, it is quite refreshing, but I digress.

  3. K R

    Did I just enter the Twilight Zone? The boom box makes the phone "feel hollow". What trash! Hang on to your tinny sounding, faux solid feeling phone then. Even in my cupped hand (normal holding), the volume/tone gets louder and richer and easily competes with dual speakers on my Pixel 2 and Nexus 6P… put it on a table, well… I just throw the Pixel 2 and Nexus in the miscellaneous drawer even though I still got love. NOT a gimmick! Just being honest.

  4. TheCambra

    Just curious what are your guys's screen settings? Mine is on auto with the red turned all the way down. Because my screen had a red tint to it. Also when you turn the red down all the way it washes out the screen a little bit. Leave a comment below and let me know what your screen settings are

  5. Shai Jhagru

    This guy kicks a lot of open doors in with spattering specs. We all know its ip68 and has a notch. When you say notch you say it like you mean something by it. Man you are biased and this video sucks 13 in a dozen.

  6. gregaburo

    Iam thinking of buyin this phone. It looks nice has a great display, sound and has a good feel in hand. It costs 11 euros peer month (for 24 months) less then regular S9 in my country which I think is a lot. I dont like the software as much as Samsung but I can put a Nova louncher and make it like Pixel 2.
    I think the price is gonna be the factor for me…..to go with the G7

  7. Darrell Berry

    You guys can be a little too critical on these not-so popular phones. So you complain so much about the notch, but in the iPhone X review you guys said that eventually you learn to ignore the notch. Why can't you ignore it here? Because it doesn't have any significant feature, such as Face ID, integrated with it? That just doesn't make sense to me. The G7's notch is literally smaller and has the customization options to hide it better. So which is it? Is the notch that troublesome or can you ignore it?

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