LG G7 ThinQ review: A hidden gem?

It seems LG has the knack of pushing out phones that end up with nothing more than the “underrated” title getting slapped on it. The G7 ThinQ is no exception. I purchased this phone myself, used it as my main phone for a couple weeks, and I genuinely believe it’s something worth checking out mainly because of its competitive feature set and recent price drops!

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33 Replies to “LG G7 ThinQ review: A hidden gem?”

  1. Ted D

    I switched providers, and traded in my iPhone 6s Plus. I got the G7 for $75 with the trade in. I was nervous about going back to droid, and switching from the iPhone… But this phone is superior by far, so far. My iPhone never ran out of battery, but the light this puts out, and the POWER of the speaker are phenomenal.

  2. Ron Ptaszek

    Hidden jem? Maybe except for two critical flaws. 1. NO removable battery. Yeah yeah everybody is doing it. That doesn't make it a good design enhancement. Only if you are an incompetent, clueless engineer. The G5 had one it was great. 2. Slippery as a blood sucking leech. Put it on your desk and it WILL magically slide 6" off the edge and onto the floor. Great. And you WILL drop it as it slides out of your hand unless you have tentacles with the accompanying suction cups. Of course you can get a protective cover but if the device needs one so badly for safe daily use in areas other than on a space walk if should effing come with one.

  3. José Andrés Montero Rojas

    The camera processing software isn't good in auto. Sometimes shots are out of focus. The noise reduction filter destroys all the detail in the image. Same hardware as the V30 but the software is different.

    I don't really think the speaker is that great but maybe is just my unit. Yes, it gets loud but it lacks clarity and base. The boom box feature does really work.

    The battery is good enough. I'm ok with it.

    Everything else is pretty solid.

  4. Paul Hope

    Had my G7 for 6 weeks now and like it very very much. My last 3 phones have been the G5, S7 then Xperia XZ premium (sent back).
    I went for the G7 mainly for its outstanding onboard audio quality but it has proved to also be excellent in every other area.
    Bit puzzled as to why some have complained about the battery life, it lasts all day, every day for me no problem and I use the satnav extensively with my work.
    The only negatives I have to say is that its a bit slippery and the battery is not 'plug and play' replaceable like in my old G5 (for when that time comes) but it probably wouldnt be splash/waterproof if it was… and I use a case for it anyhow, so a 100% happy (usually very fussy and skeptical) user here.
    A+ from me.. 🙂

  5. Brett James

    This phone is FANTASTIC! Sure, you can get caught up in all the hype over the Galaxy S9 and Pixel 3 being the more popular options, but the reality is that most of us are looking to upgrade from something much more inferior than any of the new phones out there. I did my homework and it was certainly difficult deciding between this phone and the Galaxy S9 or Pixel 3. What it came down to was price, look, feel, and the incredible sound system (this baby cranks). Performance is fast and the battery is much better than what you'll read from some of the reviews out there. The camera is fine and you get a wide angle lens too. The phone also has a headphone jack. I had a Galaxy S6 and loved it. I just wanted to give the G7 a shot and I'm glad that I did. It basically comes down to what you want in a phone and the LG G7 delivers. Don't hesitate on the LG G7…and you should be able to get it at a decent price now that the V40 is out.

  6. Priya Darshini

    I wont usally use android phones..but only one i luv in android phones is LG company..they innovations are m8nd blowing..to be frank all other android phone are nothing but copy cats..they will copy all specs and ideas from lf smartphones..

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