LG G7 ThinQ Review 45 Days Later: The Best Phone No One Will Buy

The LG G7 ThinQ is a solid phone that fell victim to poor timing and subpar marketing.

LG G7 ThinQ vs LG V35 ThinQ Full Comparison – What’s The Difference?

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24 Replies to “LG G7 ThinQ Review 45 Days Later: The Best Phone No One Will Buy”

  1. cj18

    problem is , this phone is bought by people that do research while most of the market just go and buy from their previous phone brand, and so the majority of buyers ignore it. There is nothing wrong with the phone specs and the price, it's just people these days are stupid and/or biased and they don't bother. I mean simple things as wallpaper scrolling you don't have on samsung S9+. For me it would be a deal breaker. Then again i'm one of the few that does research beforehand

  2. Jesus Lopez

    G7 or S9? I was looking for a change, after having samsung basically my whole life. I bought the G6, but something in their display wasnt good for me, it gives me headache, thats why I swtiched back to Samsung. Any recommendations, G7 or S9?

  3. Zuhayr Dalwai

    The previous phone I owned was an LG G3. While this phone is a lot older than the G7, at the time it was a flagship, and LG were just starting to come up in the smartphone game. I decided to go for it, as I was really impressed by the features and the price it went for that the time. I also really liked the design. The phone was great in every respect, always reliable as well as LG's intuitive nifty features they embed in their software (only LG users will know what I'm talking about). However, after just over a year of use (I'd say about a year and four months), I started experiencing problems with it. Every now and again, the phone would just start to reboot randomly. After this, things started going downhill for my device. Reboots increased and battery came to a point where I needed to carry a powerbank with me at all times because my battery was dying down so quick. The battery eventually started to sell, and I had to buy a new battery. This fixed the problem temporarily, but after about a month, the problems slowly but surely started again. My device would restart at anytime, including during important phonecalls and when I needed it. It all came to a stop one day when the phone eventually stopped going on at all. I changed the battery, but nothing, and it hasn't been on since. This was really upsetting because I had lost all my Data that was on that phone Including pics, contacts etc. Apparently it was a common problem on the G3, and for this reason I am highly reluctant to take another LG device. Has anyone experienced the same problem? Or have LG sorted out their issues? Please do let me know 👍

  4. pratik vaidya

    I have been using LG G5 for ~2 years now, however current LG G5 is going to be my last LG phone. One of the main reason being late OS update. Although two OS updates were promised, my phone is still running on Android 7.0 while rest of the world is already at 9. And if I'm not wrong even G7 ThinQ is running on only Android 8.0 and not 9?

  5. Kim Spivey-Coston

    I've had LG phones for the last 5 Years and I love them I'm on my LG G7 thin Q right now and there is no other phone for me to buy as long as LG keeps making great phones I am going to keep buying LG phones never had an iPhone never had a Samsung I'm an LG girl and I'm a Droid for life never want to be an apple head.

  6. Max Popko

    bought a G7 tq at black friday, now i will never buy a lg again. Sh*t quality it fell 10cm and broke. Camera is lame and sh*tty quality. Only the battery is good but as good as my S7 when it was new.

  7. waytoosexy

    LG need a new name and logo for their phone, the problem isnt anywhere else its the company name lol, at least get a selling name for it like Sony did for their Xperia or galaxy for Samsung etc

  8. Chris Starling

    I worked in the only Sprint call center in the US for sales, the reason it doesn't sell is because nobody sells it, they just get people the phone that they wanted when they walked in or called in, rather than push them towards any other phones.

  9. Imperfectionist Gaming

    Sony has had my heart (and money) for over a decade. The pixel 2 xl was the first venture away from sony and the horrible grainy screen immediately had me returning that device. I'm now waiting for my G7 to come in the mail and im hoping it would give me everything sony had to offer and then some

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