LG G7 thinQ late 2019, BETTER THEN THE ONEPLUS 6T!!!??

LG has been struggling to sell their phones for some time, but they do create some pretty good phones,
But just don’t nail being the best at it, but with prices dropping so quickly, this is without a phone that makes me interested!
We all talk about the OnePlus 6 and 6t, but forget that the LG G7 is now CHEAPER then the One plus 6t! with the same base specifications, but adding features like Water resistance, and wireless charging, and of course a DAC headphone jack!

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9 Replies to “LG G7 thinQ late 2019, BETTER THEN THE ONEPLUS 6T!!!??”

  1. Goran Petrovic

    Replaced htc with LG, solely for great audio. Don't like the UI but hardware is nice and reliable. Price excellent. G7 is great buy, especially today. Slower software updates but I can live with that, security updates are on par with other manufacturers.

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