LG G7 Review [Part 1]: ThinQing Out Loud

[UPDATE: Part 2 is now live here:

The LG G7 has had a long and strange road to release, at least from an outsider’s perspective. A flurry of reports back in January indicated that LG would delay the launch of its newest smartphone; that it might ditch the “G” branding entirely; even that it was considering redesigning the flagship “from scratch.” Well as it turns out, only one (and a half) of those predictions panned out: the phone was indeed delayed from its expected February release until May, and while the G brand remains, it’s now augmented by the “ThinQ” suffix LG is slapping on all its AI-enabled products.

Sadly, the rumor that the company would ditch the iterative approach in order to completely rethink its smartphone strategy proved false: the G7 is an LG phone through and through. That carries a lot of positives, from the superwide cameras to MIL-STD durability to an impressive new audio system – but it also means LG is likely to focus its marketing on the phone’s more buzzworthy (and far less impressive) “AI” features.

I’ve spent four days with the LG G7 ThinQ. Join me for the Initial Review / Hands-On – and stay tuned for the full LG G7 Review coming soon!


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MrMobile’s LG G7 Review Part 1 was produced following four days with a preproduction LG G7 review device running a prerelease Android build. All camera samples shown in this video were shot with non-final software.

This video was filmed at LG Science Park, Seoul and on Jeju Island in South Korea, for which LG covered transportation and lodging as part of its Spring 2018 media tour.

MrMobile’s LG G7 Review Part 2 / Full Review will be published soon.


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31 Replies to “LG G7 Review [Part 1]: ThinQing Out Loud”

  1. Sanchit Varma

    Nobody can even compete with LG interms of headphone back audio in 2018. That alone is the biggest differentiating factor for the G7. LG flagships may be the only smartphones that can compete with Hi Res DAPs.

  2. Amy Delong

    Nice video! Love the quality! Also, got this phone in August. I love it so far. The sound quality is amazing. Wish the camera quality and battery life were slightly better. The camera is nice but does sometimes blow out highlights. That said, it's still a better camera than any other phone I've had.
    I've always had Android phones (LG or Samsung) so I love going to a new phone without having to relearn the skin and op.

  3. Brian Paules

    Chuckled when he said giant HVAC units while showing their VRF/small split condensing units. Those are tiny units, Mr. Mobile. Pretty much any company that makes TV's makes VRF HVAC systems and ductless split systems.

  4. MyCatInABox

    I LOVED my G3: FANTASTIC camera that resulted in gorgeous pics, I loved it's super HD screen (QHD Screen– guess u could also call it a "2K Screen" opposed to 4K), it's fast & responsive, AND, most of all, it's battery is removable AND it's memory is upgradeable– it's gotta a slot for micro SD.
    I loved it so much, THAT, when I found myself getting a different cell carrier, I bought the G4.
    The pictures from G4 were– somehow– even BETTER. The image quality of the screen was better. And it STILL had a removable battery & slot for micro SD. All was well. It was better than I expected it to be.
    and then came the overheating issues.
    SERIOUS overheating issues…
    … I read that some G4's were getting SO hot, that, he solder connection points on the CPU to the main "motherboard" would start getting soft and melt.
    When the soldered connection points started melting, the CPU is no longer connected to the motherboard.
    Essentially, it would turn the G4 into a paperweight.
    Knock on wood, this hasn't happened to me yet– I'm aware of the issue, so I'm very keen on keeping my G4 cool as possible.
    It's thought that because the phone has twin processors, and they had to save space, they designed the CPU's to sit ontop of one another, instead of a side-by-side arrangement. And SUPPOSEDLY, that's part of the reason for the high temps.
    The OTHER reason for high temps. is the GPU. It's not sandwiched together or anything odd like that….. It just gets hot from processing. REALLY hot from processing .
    The Big Problem I have with LG is that, shortly after the G4 was released, LG learned of the overheating issue– and CONTINUED to sell as many G4's as they could. They even had the nerve to refuse warranty issues with the G4. Now, they DID eventually begin to honor G4 phone's warranty from customers, but it took an ACTUAL LAWSUIT! (in my opinion) to get LG to start doing the right thing.
    So, I MIGHT give LG another chance by purchasing the G7…. We'll see.

  5. Dave A

    Wide Angle Cam, Quality DAC, Headphone Jack, Great Speaker, SD Card, FM Radio, Waterproofing, Fingerprint Scanner, Wireless Charging… ticks so many boxes, great job LG.

  6. chrisaamodt1

    I have a dilemma, I want the LG v30 for the wide angle and DAC, while I want the razer phone for the speakers and 120hz screen. I use a pixel 2 xl as a daily driver, but I want one of these as a secondary phone. Which should I get?

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