LG G6 Review: Just right or Blow your socks off?

Following last year’s missteps, LG wows with the G6 this year. We spent two weeks with the phone to find out if it has what it takes to compete with the best phones of 2017.

This is our LG G6 Review.

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46 Replies to “LG G6 Review: Just right or Blow your socks off?”

  1. Domingo Hernandez

    I've had LG phones for many years. My last 3 phones were "LG Xpower" what I liked about them was that when I would get an inbound text message, no matter who it was from, it would say something like "Text message from J. Doe" then read the context of the message without any more action on my part. I don't remember ever downloading a special app. Now, I have an LG 6G, and this feature doesn't seem to be on this phone. Can someone help me?

  2. Art Kornienko

    Mine went into a boot screen after a software update and ended up being bricked. It was in perfect condition, babied from day one. LG G6 was 14 months old, LG offered a free diagnostic but I would have to pay for parts and labour. I don't get it how a software update can brick my camera and its my fault. Its a POS and I'll never buy LG again, stay away.

  3. M A#np

    there is something unique about the LG G6. It is the only android phone that has RTT capabilities on the T-Mobile Network. Have you tried the RTT calling feature? It is a feature for deaf or hard of hearing callers to make and receive phone calls. It can also be used by non deaf or non hard of hearing callers to call deaf and or hard of hearing callers on their phone to make an RTT to RTT call.

  4. Ezra Patel

    wireless charging in usa and canada….dontforgetcananda!! lg will keep the specs the smae for canada and usa or extremely close…i notedthat with my lg g3 which i luved….i got my lg g6 today its old old old…but i luv the fract it only costs 240 can…these phones dont hold their value…because of heating ssues and the notorious bricked lg g4 issue…lbut they have been fixed those issues!! u cant get more bang right now than an lg g6 for 240 canadian used or 300 new

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