LG G4 vs LG G3

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The LG G4 goes up against the phone that started the Quad-HD craze – its older brethren, the LG G3.

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38 Replies to “LG G4 vs LG G3”

  1. Janah

    is the selfie camera front camera 8mp any good ? does it has flash / light for the selfie camera ? i have a samsung J7 with 5mp selfie camera , is the selfie camera on the G4 much better or same quality ?

  2. empiirik

    LG G4 is an unreliable phone. Could be a good device if it hadn't infamous and pervasive bootloop issue. It's very likely that sooner or later every G4 phone gets one. And LG fails a big deal to take responsibility for that. Instead, they set rules or regulations for their so-called official representatives to seek and find whatever excuses to revoke warranty. Considering their conduct on problematic cases, I suggest to be very cautious on weighing purchasing LG devices.

  3. Marney Olson

    I had a dilemma when it came to getting a new phone since I got water damage on my Galaxy S4. Both had delicious Androidiness that I love. I went with the G4 in the end and I really love it. Even my mom got the same phone as me.

  4. Rule Breaker

    Hello here I have LG G3 i updated it to 6.0 marshmallow and having trouble it forces me to shutdown and loop boot problem continuously restarts only works when plugged into charger 🙁 Battery is 100% but if not plugged in it will not pop up the home screen and only restarts all the time I cant even use my phone. Can oany one have the same problem or have the solution ?

  5. Joe S.

    Could really be more of a VS video if you actually compared the two instead of just taking photos of the phone in the grass or snapping random pictures with only one of the phones..

    Really expected more from this..

  6. Anarchy Barbie

    I got a gold g3 a few months after it came out to upgrade my g2, but the last few weeks the battery dies in 2 hours and takes 6 hours to charge and it gets hot to. I'm not sure if I should stick with the g3 or get a g4 or g5.

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