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  1. Soman

    We're midway through 2019, four years since this phone first rolled out. Of course this is the right time for me to watch this video so as to decide whether or not to buy it. What can even be wrong with the new youtube algorithm

  2. Hec R

    Stay away from any of these scrap bricks. Not only it is a expensive scrap, also their customer support / care. These alternative brands for something you must rely on, as a 'premium' smartphone, is not worth. Big headache with deep hardware issues (boot loop, rattling switch, factory scratched glass, dead ear speaker, unacceptable clipping distortion and SNR issues for live recording, extreme heating for video recording, etc). Worst experience ever.

  3. BammBamm Springer

    I'm very tempted to buy the LG G4 because of the great camera. However, the LASER autofocus concerns me a bit. I only have one good eye, so i need to be cautious. Nobody can say whether 1000 shots will do damage to the eye… only time will tell and i can't take that risk.

    Can someone please try to cover the LASER spot on the G4 and try if normal autofocus works? If so, than i can simply put a small piece of duct tape over the laser. It's not a nice sight, but it would be practical for me.

    I hope someone is willing to try it for me.

    Thanks in advance!



  4. EOtekk

    This is why I bought this phone over other more popular models….If my battery blows out, I don't want to buy a whole new phone….If I run out of internal storage, I can add an SD card….If the back of the phone gets scratched, I can buy a new back piece. LG sticks to the basics and I like that. If they can maybe look into reliability a little bit more, LG would dominate the market. Their phones are excellent, but don't age well. I've owned two LG phones and both began to slow down and die out after about 16-18 months. I bought the G4 to replace my Optimus F7, which no longer charges fully and sometimes doesn't respond to cables I plug into it. Worked great functionality wise, LG just needs a step up on build quality on all models

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