LG G3: 10 Tips and Tricks

What else can the LG G3 do? Josh shows you 10 tips and tricks.

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30 Replies to “LG G3: 10 Tips and Tricks”

  1. DAN C

    wonder why my easy home doesn't look like yours all i have is a clock top right and weather top left next to it then large icons below it and thats it.

  2. Angel Albe

    Anybody know why this might happen? Checked that all of my notifications are on. I get my other icons, ie mail, calculator, gallery, email, chrome, etc. But I don't get the voicemail icon. Thanks

  3. DAN C

    now my LG G3 's easy home layout isn't like yours it just shows the weather and the time , no dialpad layout or other icons that u have on yours?

  4. Ihtiram Khan

    whenever I turn on my phone (sometimes start and sometimes do not) it turns off by itself and do not restart and then you have to remove the battery waiting for an hour to turn it on again. Can anybody tell me what's the prob is?

  5. Drew Merten

    so here it is, 2017 and I'm watching G3 videos. I bought the note 5 near the end of 2015 and I'm kicking myself for not getting a g4 instead. I live in a rural area with terrible Internet, so relying on cloud backup isn't a great option and I'm constantly running out of space on my note. there aren't any other flag ship phones since the note 7 was recalled I've been looking for a backup. The g3 is 150-170 now and it seems perfect for what I want.

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