LG E8 vs Panasonic FZ952 (FZ950) 2018 OLED TV Comparison

We compare the picture quality of the LG E8 vs the Panasonic FZ952 (also known as the FZ950 outside the UK), two of the leading OLED TVs available to buy in 2018.

Topics compared include colour accuracy, motion, upscaling, gradation, compression handling, HDR (Dolby Vision & HDR10), as well as gaming.

Our review samples are the 65-inch models, namely the LG OLED65E8PLA and the Panasonic TX-65FZ952B. The more affordable LG C8 OLED delivers similar picture quality to the E8, and the same applies to the FZ802 vs the FZ952.

If your 2018 OLED TV (B8, C8, E8 or W8) has been calibrated using Autocal, feel free to get in touch with us to get a free checkup to see if the TV’s gradation has been affected the next time we’re calibrating near your area. Just fill in the form below:

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39 Replies to “LG E8 vs Panasonic FZ952 (FZ950) 2018 OLED TV Comparison”

  1. Reader Response

    Dear Vincent,

    I want to buy a 4K 65" TV to watch movies through my PC using with software video players like PowerDVD, POT player, VLC etc. And like to watch movies on the TV with the TV built-in player to connect External hard disks. 

    I do like watch in a dark room (Night timings) and I do like good color volume.

    I hate light blooming while watching cinemascope movies at black bars and hate the light blooming of HDR movies subtitles, and scenes. 

    I was told OLED TVs are good for a dark environment. But I heard the TVs have Black Crush, Colour washout issues. And they have low color volume compare with their competitive backlit LED TVs.   

    So, I am confusing which TV is good for watching movies in the dark environment. Whether OLED or FALD LED. I almost convinced to go with an OLED tech TV. But the black crush, low color volume issues are dragging me back. So, are the issues real? are they really bothering us while watching movies? Are we miss a detailed picture due to the Black crush of OLEDs.?

    Can you please help me to choose between LG C8, LG E8, Sony A8F, Sony A9F, and Samsung Q9F. Which is the best to watch movies through my high-end PC? I am single, so, do not need any viewing angle preference. Don't have any price limit but don't want to spend extra money on sound, brand image, and design etc. I only need a good picture quality for both SDR and HDR movies. So, please advise me. Thank you in advance.

  2. sifu192ppod

    Vincent I own a lg c6 series tv and don't get me wrong when watching blue ray and 4k content it is awesome.My issue is that when watching cable or satellite broadcasting,which is 90 percent of the time,I am seeing awful macroblocking and pixelization while viewing this content.Has the 2018 lg oled tv's improved on this at all?I want to buy the lg c8 or e8 but have heard Sony's x1 chip upgrades regular cable/satellite programming better.I can never view this in person as every time I go to view them in person they never have these sets on regular cable/satellite channels.They are always on a 4k demo.i Just want to know if the difference between the 2018 Sony and lg oled sets for regular cable/satellite hd content is drastically different as the Sony is almost a thousand us dollars more where I live.


    I’m thinking of getting an Oled and picture seems very similar with LG, Panasonic and Sony. The main thing putting me buying an Oled is Image retention and screen burn so my question is out of all the Oleds on the market which TV is the best for trying to prevent this? Also what I can not understand is these TVs have settings to help avoid image retention and screen burn yet when it occurs you are not covered by warranty for that so what’s the point of a warranty? I was speaking to one of the guys in a store that sells numerous brands of Oleds and he said in the last 12 months he had around 3 LG Oleds that had image retention yet LG didn’t want to know even though they were running what LG requested on the TV. He said he didn’t have one Panasonic in the 12 months with image retention or screen burn. So I suppose most people when they look at a buying a tv look at picture, sound and game lag but do not think about after sales service from the company. I’ve heard some bad stories with LG so wondered how is Panasonic and Sony if you complain about image retention and screen burn? Is it covered under warranty? I think if it was then a hell of a lot more people would buy one knowing that.

  4. Mattias Sjösten

    Vincent, I'm planning on getting lg b8 or c8 this black Friday, if i can find a good deal. I'm a little concerned about burn in. I will mostly use the netflix app and im concerned the logo might burn in, it's red after all. Do you think the risk is high?

  5. RageCage1701

    Could you please do a video on OLED's 24fps stutter / frame-holding issue? I feel like there's way too much attention being paid to OLED picture quality (when they're all pretty good) and not enough discussion of the fact that OLEDs seem essentially incapable of playing 24fps cinema without stutter issues (or else if you turn on a Trumotion type system which introduces artifacts). Very very frustrating state of affairs. Many people are buying these panels for original cinema viewing and it doesn't seem like ANY manufacturer has figured out a way to effectively get OLED to handle 24fps while still preserving imaging authenticity.

  6. Lost Snow Pirate

    I'm sure plenty of others have already asked you this, but I'd really appreciate a Z9F TV review as soon as you can get your hands on one, as Black Friday is quickly approaching. I really respect your expertise and all the things you cover in your reviews.

  7. Paul Bradshaw

    Hey Vincent – I have just discovered your HDTVTest channel – wow! I have binge-watched most of your recent video this week. Do you think I should swap my Sony UBP-X800 for an OPP0 203 while they are still available? Thanks in advance for any advice 🙂

  8. cp070476

    There's something that baffles me.. What exactly is 'Excellent Picture Quality'? what defines excellent picture quality? Black level? Peak brightness? Motion handling? Colour accuracy? When reviewers say it has 'Excellent picture quality' what do they mean?

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