LG CX OLED | The Best & Worst Things about it

The LG CX OLED is a great TV but after owning it for one month here are my Best Things, Worst Things and things you should know about it!
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*Correction- I meant to say run Pixel refresher every 2-4 months. You can also leave it on auto.
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34 Replies to “LG CX OLED | The Best & Worst Things about it”

  1. PhilzVids

    Great review and I'm tempted to buy one. Your comment about it working well with a poor aerial was interesting. My current LG LCD is quite sensitive to poor aerials, so it sounds as though LG have addressed this issue. The plug sized hole in your chimney breast? I would have cut the plug off and fitted a new one after passing the cable through the wall.

  2. upperechelon25

    I bought this tv yesterday, I had a burn in on my lg B6 oled tv I got in 2017, so this time around I bought it at Best Buy and spent an extra 400 dollars for their 5 year warranty that covers specifically burn in as well. So I’m happy with the purchase

  3. Bojko Kenway

    I want to buy a 65 tv and I wanted an LG Cx, but since I started studying, and that their reliability is poor, burn in … I just cooled down, give 2500 € for so many problems … I need it for gaming PS4 Pra and later PS5 , for 6 hours a day, and anime via hard drive, I think to buy QLED TV Samsung QE65Q95TA, what do you think about that choice, instead of OLED TV LG OLED65CX3? Thanks, simple answer, what would you buy to play 6 hours a day and more and you need a TV that will last for 5 years? Thanks again.

  4. Scentimental Journey

    Regarding burn-in… just make sure that your warranty covers this if you are unfortunate to have a TV that suffers this issue.

    John Lewis offers this as an upgrade over their included 5 year warranty, and costs under £200. The price for the CX has dropped recently, so perhaps factor that saving in and purchase the additional cover.

  5. Chris Maikoski

    The OLED has the best picture but my C6 from 2017 has some bad burn in that has me questioning them in the future. LG is going to buy it back from me but that means I spent $1,400 to use a tv for 3 years.

  6. G Maddox

    Just look at 12:30 on this video and you will see the worse thing about this set that no one talks about. Reflection of the closed blinds on the screen and the lack of brightness to compensate and cover it up.

  7. gamarada bamal

    the 1 thing i didn't like about this Tv is how low the stand make the screen I have the LG SN10YG for my LG CX olead Tv and it cover the lower part of the screen and the remote control detector wont work unless i stand up other then that I'm loving it

  8. Retro Jacob

    Hello all things tech a serious question I’ve asked on a lot of videos and I never seem to get a reply…
    I have the 55 inch cx it’s about 3 weeks old
    I have all the settings as they should be but I’m noticing what I think is called…colour banding quite a lot, certainly on games with night sky’s involving greats and blacks and in rare occasions blue skys, can almost look like a wavey Bluey mess, especially if I say slowly pan a camera to enjoy a view! Could you confirm if you have noticed this ? And if so is it maybe just the hardware for example the PS4 pro or the game just not being up to par.. and not the actuall tv

  9. Matt Brown

    I owned a C8. It was fucking king at the time of purchase in 2018. Went through a Geek Squad Protection plan routine recently that ended with them junking out the unit. Panel randomly developed some odd artifacts that couldn't be described. Didn't want to call them burn-in due to them being so abstract, but after they appeared, they DID burn in after that. Geek Squad replaced the main board, it didn't fix the issue (why would it when it is screen related), replaced the panel, it came in bent. They replaced the panel a second time, couldn't mount my back piece over all the internal components properly because they were missing a connection bracket (they think it was left on the bent panel that was already shipped off to where ever), so they junked it. We got FULL 2018 purchase price refund, plus a pro rated refund for the remainder of the GSP. The CX is now cheaper than what we bought our C8 for back in 2018, plus black friday deals are just around the corner, so it should go down even more! Can't wait to buy this baby next month and have the king of displays back on the wall

  10. Cons2911

    Question from someone who never owned an oled. Starting from 4:46, the next few scenes. Are these normal? The video seems dark or is it not like that in person? Wish I could see some games like these at Best Buy. They look very nice

  11. Guy Hendrikson

    Alexa and Google not available in the Netherlands despite the advertisements.
    hdmi connections way to much on the side making me bend cables awkwardly to hide them out of sight, thus stressing the board.

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