LG CX OLED Best Picture Settings for PS5 Gaming

We go through our recommended picture settings on the LG CX OLED TV to obtain the most accurate image quality for Sony PS5 (PlayStation 5) gaming that can support up to 4K@120Hz.

The sample used in this video is the 48-inch LG OLED48CX.

This video was graded and uploaded in HDR10, and so is best viewed on an HDR display. Please let us know how it looks to you in the Youtube comment section below.

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50 Replies to “LG CX OLED Best Picture Settings for PS5 Gaming”

  1. Kholwa YD

    How can you get full RGB with hdr on? I only get YCBCR422 in 8 bit with HDR on. I checked all settings and am using pc mode. the same thing happens with console mode or just plain HDMI mode. Also, why don't I get HDCP 2.3? I am using an LG CX exactly the same as yours! How is this possible?

  2. Matt Carignan

    What’s up with this quantum dude shitting all over the lg oled when everyone says how amazing it is but him an all his followers say how trash it is ? Just curious I just bought it and curious , also thinking of just returning it an getting the c1

  3. Hidden Agenda

    @HDTVTest thank you for the video. Excellent. I have this TV however the Dynamic tone mapping setting is not in the menu. Every other setting is and it is the same TV as you are using so where is this option?

    I am using HDMI 2.1 cable that came with my PS5 and I have performance mode on in PS5 to get 120fps perhaps this is why it is not there ?

  4. K B.

    hey, i have banding when i set pc mode/automatic/automatic but no banding when i set console mode/low/automatic. why is it and can i fix it? because console mode and black level low/ps5 auto the black in picture swallows details… thx

  5. Atlas

    I didnt use HGiG because i dont see any benefit of it. You can tell this is somewhat broken in HDR adjstment screen on Ps5.
    And I would rather go with warm1 in color temperture. It does look better IMO.

  6. Sam Elliott

    Hi im just wondering if these setting would go well at all with the BX? Purchased my 66’’ a few days ago but can’t find nice picture settings. I’m like the standard settings but feel like I can get more! Thank you

  7. Frankie Ambrosio

    I followed all these instructions and Jesus the picture looks so bad on game mode! It’s so warm and blurry and there’s no life at all or colors. I’m just gonna stick to standard or vivid mode

  8. Drew Mac

    Hi everyone. Does anyone know what the best display settings are for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch? I've just bought this TV and don't have a next gen console yet

  9. gabrilovic

    Hello everyone!!

    I currently have an LG BX, and when using it with the PS5 it outputs at 59hz and not 60 (as seen from the Freesync Information Hidden Menu)

    I'm playing with the PS5 connected to the TV via PS5's included HDMI cable, in Game Image Mode, HDMI ultra deep colour, Gaming mode and AMD Freesync Premium enabled, Tone Mapping set to HGiG, and True Motion and EyeCare disabled. Is it normal to have 59hz? From what I've seen in some videos it should word at 60hz, I don't understand why it is working at 59

    Has anyone experienced something like this?

  10. NineTails

    I'm torn between this and a Q90T. I have an ef9500 that got burn in from gaming. (Tekken 7 static health bars 🙁 Has a lot changed from the ef9500 to the CX that would mean no burn in?

  11. B A

    I laughed out loud and cried when he talked about keeping his dignity intact. His sexual inuendos are the best! I hope someday Vincent gets to meet Gal Gadot and give her the best 2 minutes he can muster.

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