LG CJ98 3500 Watt Party Speakers – MIND BLOWN!

LG CJ98 3500 Watt Party Speakers – MIND BLOWN!
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Massive 3500 Watt Total Output Power
Karaoke Functionality
LED Speaker Lighting
DJ Sharing
Multi-Bluetooth Connectivity

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22 Replies to “LG CJ98 3500 Watt Party Speakers – MIND BLOWN!”

  1. Hans Kona

    The only video where you could hear the quality of the sound of these speakers!
    That said… I'm torn between either the Sony Shake x70D or these..
    Any advice for me please?


  2. Norm

    Damn chill out you talkin like you pissed the fuck off shit ain't that serious brother you got a banging little system sound happy Jesus…. Got 2 USB SLOTS !!! Damn sound like that shit was bout to have you pull out on the system lol great video though… Haha got your usual books n shit lol

    EDIT :Yo you need to review more shit man after listening to this I love your style haha

    EDIT 2: lmfao shit got dust Fallin off my ceiling lmao you a dusty ass?? Haha then you said shit got me hype but you sound like your mean muuggin the fuck outta someone you got me for a sub man your style is fuckin hilarious rip neighbor's lmfao

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