LG Channel Plus Overview

Brand new for LGs 2016 TVs featuring WebOS 3.0 is Channel Plus powered by Xumo. If you’re looking for more viewing content on your TV, LG’s got the answer.

Take a look at LGs lineup of 4k TVs at Abt:

48 Replies to “LG Channel Plus Overview”

  1. BobbyBoyGaming

    These LG TV's WebOS interface and the LG channels stuff is such a mess. It is like teaching a 90 year old how to skateboard. They just complicated the damn thing too much. The Magic Remote is like 5 steps back in remote evolution too. The TV itself is fine though.

  2. Greg Esten

    Hi. I have this app and i always have an issue with fiding the info on the current program I'm watching. For instance, go to msnbc now try to find the name of the program you are watching. Not able to find it anywhere. I've tried guide, info, the arrows, enter/ok button, list. I just really want to get some info on the program. If anyone can help pls do, thanks…✌😷

  3. zee al

    just few real live channal ,the rest just repeat videos over and over not real streaming, internet always on eaven when you turn your TV off. i dont recommend it,its bad for your family .bad stuff.every minute 2 commercial ,dealers toyota and ford.make you sick .

  4. Richard Edwards

    looks like plutotv, made a pluto account about 8 months ago for laptop. come to find out I can watch a movie on demand WITHOUT having to log in. funny thing is when I'm logged in the on demand is feature is not found. DUH!

  5. Indio Raj

    So I turned it on and basically it's recorded programs that you can choose from a list on each chamnel to watch. It's not live TV. Lots of content I'll never watch. But some I may, like Bloomberg and other cable news channels that I don't get anymore since I cut the cord.

  6. DWS388

    I bought a Samsung and an LG 4K smart TVs at the same time for different rooms both 50 inch. They both have this feature. LG has Channel Plus and Samsung has TV Plus. Aside from the ordinary antenna or cable channels, They do add about a hundred channels through IP and are great channels with some actually live as if the channels comes from your antenna or TV subscription provider. Just make sure you have a decent internet service provider and an ethernet cable is recommended especially when your WiFi gets spotty to prevent lags.

  7. Barricade2091

    Anyone know how to fucking turn it off? I want to actually go back to the normal version so I can hook up a old videogame console but I have no idea how to get this off and get back to my original channel 3

  8. Richard Garrison

    Android TV already has a very similar app. Android's version is called Live TV. You integrate OTA broadcasts with Google play movie trailers, free Pluto TV IP channels and other sources from internet apps. Hopefully Android TV's Live TV app eventually adds DirecTV Now, Sling TV and PS Vue.

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