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Hands-on review of the LG C9 OLED TV.

The LG C9 OLED is an excellent TV. Like all OLED TVs, it delivers outstanding dark room performance, thanks to the perfect inky blacks and perfect black uniformity. In this review, we compare it to 4 other popular models.

Full review:
It has an outstanding response time, delivering clear motion with no blur trail, but this does cause stutter when watching movies. The LG C9 also supports HDMI 2.1 on all four ports, although there is currently little advantage to this, as there are no HDMI 2.1 sources available.
Unfortunately, like all OLED TVs, there is a possibility of experiencing permanent burn-in, and the brightness of the screen changes depending on the content (ABL), which may bother some people.

Model tested: 55” (OLED55C9PUA)
Should also be valid for the other 65” (OLED65C9PUA), and 77” (OLED77C9PUA).

See our investigation into OLED burn-in:

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Sony Z9F
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Design (01:15)
Inputs (01:56)
Thermal (02:26)
Picture Quality (02:52)
Contrast (03:07)
Gray Uniformity (03:38)
Viewing Angle (04:32)
Reflections (05:15)
Peak Brightness (05:42)
Color Volume & Gamut (07:08)
PQ Curve (07:23)
Burn-In (08:03)
Response Time (08:24)
Black Frame Insertion (BFI) (08:58)
Input Lag (09:42)
Variable Refresh Rate (10:31)
Smart Features & Remote (11:10)
Sound (11:48)
TVs Comparison (12:12)
Conclusion (13:37)

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20 Replies to “LG C9 OLED 2019 TV Review – RTINGS.com”

  1. Petterson

    As much as I have loved the idea of OLED for years, I just had to research the risk burn-in on OLED first.
    Some might feel forced to take QLED because they use static image sources like a PC or media PC connected to the TV. I'm sure the windows logo and youtube logo and other static images could be burn-in if it is over-used.
    Anyone else concerned about this or need more info, check the burn-in testing over 5 years of OLED at https://www.rtings.com/tv/learn/real-life-oled-burn-in-test – they did a great job with testing burn-in on their OLED's. The one running CNN or such news channel 20 hours a day for 5 years has shown burn-in. The ones runnings games for 2 years 20 hours per day has not shown burn-in yet.

    Organic LED is the real eye-candy, but Quantum LED can still give a great image, so both can be fine, the C9 is just a lot cheaper than Samsung Q90R. Take it into consideration.
    Use your best judgement.
    I know what I will buy on Black Friday. I will choose my new TV based on how well the TV is able to perform for my use scenarios / the money paid.
    Good luck on making your choice guys 🙂

  2. Kristaps Vilcāns

    How common is it to get a dead pixel ? I got a brand new OLED55C9 TV, and have just a few days left to exchange it. The pixel is very close to the top of the screen, so it’s not very noticeable. But is it worth the hustle?

    And what could be HDR gaming time to avoid burn in. Got fifa , all logos turned off, except main white fifa 20.


  3. Arvind Sharma

    Having had 55inch c7 & "upgraded" to 55inch c9. why LG downgraded multiview  function. In past I could select hdmi inputs for both left right inputs. Why has LG decided I can only select Live TV in left input?  Needs rectified? Step backwards.Anyone else aware of this? Anyone have any of the 2019 models please get in touch with LG as this is a massive step backwards which is just a software update for their side.

  4. Wilson Ledo

    è bonito essa tv mas por quanto tempo, esse é o problema? a minha em 2 anos apareceu uma mancha bem no meio da tela tirando totalmente meu prazer de jogar ou assistir à um filme.

  5. Wilson Ledo

    Did lg learn how to manufacture these oled screens without vertical bands in 5% gray?
    because I have an oled55b7p that in less than 2 years appeared a stain that is called a vignette, will switch to another panel and even the new one appears but on another lcal of the screen.
    Has this microscopic manufacturing error been corrected?

  6. Niall Collins

    Hi thanks for the detailed review, great help. Can anyone help me with my problem? I am trying to install Google Assistant but it is not in the taskbar or LG Store. my Samsung phone cannot find it in google home. I have the tv setup for Ireland including the LG Region. I have the latest firmware. and my tv is LG C9 OLED 2019, thanks

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