LG C8 (2018) vs 2017 OLED TV (B7/ C7)

We compare LG’s 2018 OLED TV, namely the 77-inch C8, versus a 2017 OLED from the South Korean brand, i.e. the LG B7, to help you decide if it’s worth spending more on the latest model.

Aspects compared include video processing, gradation, motion, input lag, HDR gaming, dynamic tone-mapping, dark uniformity, ABL (Automatic Brightness Limiter), etc.

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50 Replies to “LG C8 (2018) vs 2017 OLED TV (B7/ C7)”

  1. Jungleman savetheforest

    i like this c8 oled tv because they tested everything and calibrated all the settings, even looking at the newer television there wasn´t a very noticeable difference on the newer oleds. 2018 seems to be the year of almost perfection on oleds. we all know that each technology improves but this oled 2018 c8 got it right GREATNESS LG PERFECTION!!!

  2. reviewfor thetube

    I live you videos but man I was shocked this year I got a c8 and guess what I ended up not liking it as much as I thought and the reason why is I had a q80r before hand and I missed my q80r it actually reminds me of an oled just much brighter and the q80r has deep blaxks of course no LCD led can match the blacks of an oled but suse it was close even the glow in the whites in black scenes remind of of OLED and colors in dark scenes but yet the q80r had even more glow with colors I can see why so many reviews say that the new q90r reminds them of a really bright oled because that's what it looks like even the sharpness and the clarity was better on the q80r and the other thing is there is less grain and noise in the picture I brought back my oled and got my q80r keep in mind my first q80r was defective some dead pixels and I've has some defects with the Samsung before hand so I didnr want to go through that this year but come to find out I missed my q80r way mode then zi thought and that's because I enjoyed the way it looks better then the 2018 qled TVs if I had an oled lastvyear I would of looked it better then the 2018 qled but since it was with the new qled I really wanted it back and I'm happy to say I got it but this time no defect and its just stunning I can see why you gave the q90r your first highly recommended of any samsung and I agree you saw the flaws on last years model just like I did and they really did improve so much this year and ths slight contrast difference you xant even see because if the new updates ultra black elite filter people dont understand how good the filters are this year and they make it so the blacks are just as deep to be honest I think there deeper then the q8fn and q9fn even my side by aide of my q80r and my q8fn my q80r actually looks deeper and it's the engineering and the tech behind it

  3. red crimson102

    I should've waited for the c8 Instead of getting the b7 but I just couldn't help myself. Do I have any regrets? Not at all. I love my b7 and the good thing is once I'm ready to upgrade they c10 should be out and I can just sell my b7 and upgrade.

  4. HaaaNoooooo

    The 2017 looks better, as far as exterior. That's all that matters. The high end specs are unusable in the real world. The only thing OLED has to improve is brightness or nits. THAT IS ALL. If you are gaming on a 77" OLED, your testicles must be huge, your speedboat bigger and your sausage….wah waaaah.

  5. GamerRO25

    Am i the only person who has on all the time GAME mode? I use it on Netflix, blue ray or any type of programs because the standard mode, movie mode etc looks like a soup opera!

  6. Dharmesh Shah

    You seem very informative and knowledgeable. But I can confirm you that you are NOT speaking in Normal Layman's term and we lose the main point and therefore ultimately it defeats the purpose. Use simple language it would've been much more appreciated.

  7. Dan W

    still trying to find a LG tv that's capable of 120hz 4K, are these capable and are any videos available? A PC can output 4k 120hz in some games, so someone could theoretically test it.

  8. starky497

    I have been reading alot about the use of these LG oled's as client monitors in large post production companies (including technicolor) and even as primary reference monitors in some smaller hollywood firms, to avoid the differing backlight issues that comes from having a client monitor and a reference display in the same grading suite. I am considering the LG B7 as a primary display for this reason. I want to ensure colour's are as accurate as possible (grading to rec709) and intend to use a Blackmagic Teranex mini to hold 33 sided lut generated by Calman using a spectroradiometer (by a professional calibrator). Do you have any thoughts on this specific set up in terms of accuracy for rec709 work?

  9. Luis San Vicente

    Thanks a lot for your review. What are the settings/Calibration that you considered the best, or more real, for 4K HDR Gaming on the B7? I'm currently own that tv, with a PS4 Pro, and i'm struggling with the calibration to get the most out of it. Also the same to what netflix haha, it's very difficult to calibrate it if you're not an expert on the matter.

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