LG B7 2017 OLED TV Professional Expert Review

We do a professional video review the LG B7 series of OLED TV after conducting scientific and technical analysis. Includes demonstration of reduced ABL, and measurement of input lag for playing games. The specific model tested was the LG OLED55B7V, but the results should also be applicable to the OLED55B7P US version.

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35 Replies to “LG B7 2017 OLED TV Professional Expert Review”

  1. William Ferguson

    Thank you Vincent for this fine review and recommendation for the B7a . Here it is, in the USA, one month before Black Friday 2018 . There are still some 65 inch B7a TVs available online. I manage to purchase one today for just under two thousand dollars. I am really looking forward to receiving it. My past two TVs have been plasmas, being a Pioneer Kuro 55 inch from 2008 and a Panasonic 65 inch from 2013. Hopefully everything will go well and I will attempt to set it all up without any professional calibration. ?

  2. Archie Vazquez

    Great video! question for you, I can get my hands on a brand new LG C8 55" for under $1800 OR I could get a 65" B6 like yours new in the box and everything for about $2,100, what should I do?

  3. Pettti1

    Hi All! I have a question regarding upscaling. How do I know if my TV is upscaling a certain content? I usually watch 720p and 1080p movies on my B7 from external HDD but the picture quality does not seem to be upscaled for me. As I heard the tv upscales automatically.

  4. Hector Gonzalez

    1 year later, i miss the black frame insertion in this model. There are a lot of LG mid range LED with this feature. High speed images looks really awful on B7. I hope a firmware could fix this issue in the future

  5. kev d

    What does anyone reckon to go for , the lg b7 oled 55 inch or the lg super uhd sk8100 nano cell ips backlight. Same price in my local store, will be specifically used for casual ps4 pro gaming and movies . No tv shows at all. I know about burnin and oleds lack lustre brightness , and all the faults of the 8100 ,but has anyone got any ideas ?? Thanks

  6. Shen CH

    i think the in the 2017's LG are still too much posterization and Pixelation in dark scenes while watching streaming content like from Netflix, or low bitrate content how vincent say.
    I put the television on Cinema Mode it's the least annoying.

    Somebody have better setting tips for me?

  7. jim Brown

    I did not hear you mention vertical banding. Is this not something that you mention in your reviews? I have read that it i a huge problem with LG OLEDs. Thank you.

  8. EJM3

    The difference between the OLED55B7P (introduced 1st qrt) and OLED55B7A (introduced 2nd qrt) is just that the speaker on the B7P tv has a 2.2Ch 40W (Dolby Atmos) whereas the B7A has a 4.0Ch 40w. My question is, Why did they remove the Dolby Atmos​ speaker on the B7A tv? and which speaker on the tv sounds better B7A or B7P?

  9. Dimitris Logarnes

    Hi Vincent. Pls inform me about the sound system of b7v. Is it the same as c7? 2.2 40 watts with Dolby atmos capable? I got confused with b7a which has 4.0 system with Dolby atmos only in arc output. Thank you in advance. Keep up the good work.

  10. Kenneth Hung

    love your humorous review and it is useful too. got a question for you , how much quality of this LG OLED b7 TV 2017 would deteriorate if it is a display at a store for 8 months, 10 hours a day? I am looking to get the 2017 model and the display unit is 1/3 cheaper than brand new 2017 same model, is it worth it to get the display or get brand new better?

  11. Josué A. Ramírez

    If i choose to use hdr technicolor expert mode instead of hdr game mode for games since I don't really notice input lag, is it recommended to use hdr active (dynamic contrast =low)? Or is to more accurate with it off to how the game was intended to look? I've seen a huge difference with it off and on in terms of brightness in certain scenes in games like horizon zero dawn. With it turn off, the overall scene seems dimmer and viceversa with it turn on, and in other situations they both look the same.

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