LG Atmos SJ9 Soundbar – Hands On Review


Often when buying a soundbar, you’ll end up eschewing breadth and depth of sound in favor of value and effective space management. Not so with LG’s Dolby Atmos-enabled SJ9, which combines virtual surround sound with the distinctive Atmos ceiling-firing drivers, creating a massive, enveloping soundstage without requiring you to set up several individual speakers.

The curvy SJ9 is gorgeous, dressed in dark, silvery gray, with speaker grating that wraps around the front, as well as circular grates on top at either end. It features a scrolling digital readout across the front and some dedicated onboard control buttons (located on the front, near the left side) — though you’ll likely be using the remote instead.

The remote itself has all the basic controls you’d expect, plus a few unique ones. There’s automatic power and volume control, buttons to adjust bass and treble balance, and even a cool “night mode” function that compresses louder sounds when you don’t want to wake up the kids.


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25 Replies to “LG Atmos SJ9 Soundbar – Hands On Review”

  1. Tom rocha

    How come theres no review on the lg sk8y..after so many reviews I warched on different sound bars the sk8y is the one I ended up getting,and didnt know know anything about it.great product and priced right id say

  2. Xi Le

    LG Atmos SJ9 Soundbar: I do hear the sounds from above such as flying planes, rains, winds; but I don't hear the sound from behind such as "a monster roaring from behind" in the movies.

  3. Marko sias

    I purchased this soundbar for my OLED c7p just last week, and I tell you, I am not all that impressed. There was certainly more bass and everything was punchier for sure. But beyond that, I found that it did not substantially exceed the internal TV speakers, which are also Atmos compatible. Regular TV and Atmos movies did sound somewhat better, mostly due to the bass, but again, not substantially better. I did a side by side comparison between the SJ9 and internal TV speakers on my XBox One S and the internals sounded better. Less punchier for sure but more refined. And the same was true with music. The internal speakers sounded better. The SJ9 sound was muddier and less crisp. Again, punchier though. I tell you, it feels for all the world like my TV has more speakers in play than the SJ9. Is that possible? This is a $900 5.1.2 channel sound bar we are talking about. My minimum expectation was that it would be a big step up from the TV speakers at least.

    I am somewhat of a fledgling audiophile, so maybe I haven't set it up properly. I currently have the treble set to 2, the bass at 3 and the woofer at 3. And again, I don't detect any truly noticeable change after tinkering with these settings. I've played music on the "music" setting, and movies on the "movie" setting. The SJ9 just doesnt stand out from the regular TV speakers in any big way (aside from bass). Am I doing something wrong? I read all these reviews about how awesome the sound is, but I am just not getting that. Someone give me some insight please.

  4. Beadelf 81

    sorry im a bit of a noob. Ive just purchased this soundbar alongside the oppo 203 player and LG B7 Tv. I want to use dolby atmos…should I connect sound bar to player via HDMI out (Arc) i know the optical cable does not support atmos? sorry for the silly question just a little confused. Im aware I need HDMI 2 cables. thanks

  5. petermazbabie

    I have this sound bar and as much as the tv itself has very good sound LG oled E6. When I put the sound bar on to compare there isn’t any comparing its excellent coming out of this unit. You can hear different highs meds. and lows that are just not there with the tv speakers. Movies are exceptional. Dolby Atmos encoded bring a hole new experience.

  6. alexandsimba

    This isn't 5.1.2. It annoys the heck out of me that LG did false advertising with product and all the major reviewers let them get away it. It's a good 2.1.2 soundbar, but definitely not 5.1.2 (I own it and tested all available Dolby Atmos demos).

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