38 Replies to “LG at CES 2019 – LG SIGNATURE OLED Rollable TV”

  1. Stanley Ipkiss

    Consumer Warning regarding TV's made by LG : i have had two LG TV's break down on me within 4 years and this seems to be a common occurrence with a lot of LG TV consumers. If you need proof just go check out TV repair forums online and see how many problems consist with TV's made by LG. I bought a 32" Toshiba 6 years ago and it's been working fine since the day i bought it. My advice to you is to steer clear from LG TV's because they clearly haven't figured out how to make a TV that's capable of working without it breaking down and incurring expensive repairs in the process and stick with the companies who have been making TV's for over 50 years and know what they're doing!

  2. stevealexR1

    I’d rather have the “flashing blacks” than again seeing awful “colour banding” because, since applying software update 04.10.31 the de contouring function built into MPEG Noise Reduction has completely stopped working on my 2018 OLED55C8PLA. Having the quad step noise reduction (de-contouring) feature was the only reason I bought this TV to replace my previous 2016 OLED TV so I am very annoyed. The colour banding is now terrible at times. I have called and emailed LG asking for urgent clarification as to why this has happened and when a resolution will be implemented.

  3. Rezky Kyzer

    That was awesome!
    BTW LG is good in washing machine, refrigerator & split-type airconditioner, but now the evolution & new technology, LG's now on top of the game, LG Electronics is way better than any manufacturers

  4. Alex Hussman

    This might be very cool.. and I love the future tech its moving towards. But in regards to it coming down halfway, and having things like clock, music, pictures etc.. those are still images. And Oleds are the tvs that are subject to burn In, and burn in is something LG has yet to solve and dont cover in warranty. I would wait for the reviews of the tv before buying ??‍♂️

  5. fireoil

    The future is cool. Cant wait 2025 to buy one of these in mid ranges tv. I will kept my 2011 panasonic 3d plasma until then. The first 3d plasma tv on their time. To swap, I want 8k, 3d glass free and latence free for the ps6 and xbox next

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