26 Replies to “LG at CES 2018 – LG AI OLED TV ThinQ”

  1. TheReal Slender

    The number 1 oonnly thing dont like about oled tv is 1 little thing. The thing I dont like when you buy the tv,then it includes this weird thing they have at the bottom. I think it connects or uses bluetooth. Only thing they should remove for my opinion next time. Well help me out lg fans

  2. hey !

    How fucking dare you , I just read the story of rosa Moreno, that in 2011 had both her hands amputated working at a factory for LG electronics assembling/making LG electronic television parts. Shame on us the consumers for not holding a company acconyable. A $10.2 billion dollar company that could not even get this woman prosthetics ! Read her story here;
    Mrs. Moreno just wants that factory workers are paid fairly and taken care of injury befalls them.

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