LG at CES 2018 in 10 minutes

After commercially launching its wallpaper OLED TV at least year’s CES, LG’s 2018 showing was bound to be a little less flashy. And yes, the TVs themselves look largely similar to their 2017 predecessors. The best one you can buy is still the Signature “wallpaper” TV that mounts to your wall with most of its guts in a soundbar that sits beneath the ultra-thin screen. Subscribe:

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50 Replies to “LG at CES 2018 in 10 minutes”

  1. MPAII

    LOL "Look how advanced our tech is, we can get this robot to bring you an outdated news medium!"

    Get with the program LG, newspapers are dying out.

  2. Patricia Chandler

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  3. Keoal Kel

    Why put eyes on those robots that's just creepy asf and they look kinda sad lol.
    If i be real critical they were also quite slow.
    A damn R2-D2 AI robot would be magnefique.

  4. HaasGrotesk

    After seeing this I'm boycotting LG. This was terrible! The products shown aren't even worth the material they are made of! It basically waste! LG is at the moment only producing waste!

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