25 Replies to “LG 55UF950V 4K TV Picture Settings”

  1. Mallydinho

    I have enabled super resolution on my lg 4K tv and to be honest, the picture looks more clear without introducing any artefacts etc. My question is, what exactly does enabling super resolution do? Please help

  2. Louie Lowe

    Had my LG 55" OLED delivered today and watch my first DVD movie on it today. The picture looked like a video and not a movie. Tried to find a movie setting for it but had no luck. Went through the different picture settings but still no luck. Any ideas? Thanks.

  3. terry green

    I just bought a 55" webOS TV UH6090. I'n my picture mode settings I'm only able to use tge BACKLIGHT setting and nothing else. I'm not able to change the setting from ABS (User) because it's not hightlighted. Please tell me how can I take it off of this and use other picture mode settings. I called LG customer service but got no results.

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