LG 55LF6000 TV Board Replacement – How to Fix Your LG 55" LED TV – LG TV Support

How To Replace All Boards in Your LG TV
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16 Replies to “LG 55LF6000 TV Board Replacement – How to Fix Your LG 55" LED TV – LG TV Support”

  1. Dennis Hubbard

    My backlights come on and stay on but no sound no picture but have white box in the middle of tv lg55lf6000-ub I have standby that flashes 2 times then goes off when I power tv on

  2. Cornelius Davis

    My tv model is LG 60PA5500-UG. The TV turns on and the AV port works but all of the HDMI ports and TV ports were damaged. The TV only gets audio and video from the component ports. I believe i need a replacement board. What model replacement board would I need and do you offer it? The manufacturing year was 2012.

  3. George Pelosi

    Help, my LG 55LE5400 TV is getting power, Audio, and bezel lights up. There is no video output at all , no display at all on LCD. Tried resetting power, no effect. Tried all inputs and volume increases with remote. There is no T-Con board in this model from videos I have seen online, just the main power board, the main board, and the LED driver board. No Logo displayed on boot up. Please advise as to what I can do to have this unit repaired at little to no cost.
    TV is cosmetically pristine and used very lightly, was very surprised that this happened.

  4. Lionel Losper

    Hi Jimmy..I have a Samsung led 40" tv ua40eh5000..that don't power on.. screen also black ..if push the power button on remote tv does just sound up..tone and power led stay red.. what's seems to be the problem.

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