LG 55-inch C8 (OLED55C8PLA) OLED TV Review

We review the 55-inch version of LG’s C8 OLED TV. With stunning picture quality, not to mention Dolby Vision support, four full-bandwidth HDMI 2.0b ports, and intuitive WebOS Smart TV experience, the 55C8 is on course to become one of the best-selling OLED TVs in 2018.

Our specific review unit is the 55in LG OLED55C8PLA which is the UK 3-pin-plug version.

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44 Replies to “LG 55-inch C8 (OLED55C8PLA) OLED TV Review”

  1. mytubbie67

    Hello, thanks for all the great videos. Can you tell me if this tv or one of the apps downloaded would allow to schedule over the air tv show to be recorded on a hdd inserted in one of the usb ports? We have several over the air channels at 1080p. Maybe this is country specific because of content rights? Don’t see this covered in any videos or on the online manual or LG website.

  2. Damon Dziewiontkowski

    I just got pushed a new firmware for my set, and I had "allow automatic updates" unchecked.

    How does that work?

    I was on 4.10.15, and fired up the set and was grated by the WebOS splash screen and immediately checked to see if i lost power or got new firmware, and was grated with the "your television software has been upgraded" and found I was on 4.10.31 now.

    Why give an option to not get forced updates, just to force updates??

  3. Matt G

    In comparing the C8 and B8, one difference I'm wondering about is the sound. It looks like the C8 has more (better sound?) speakers. Thinking about whether the increased price in the C8 eliminates that need for a soundbar.

  4. Bluekid

    90% of games have you set peak brightness and black level in HDR games.

    So using peak brightness and tone mapping mess up the image?

    Should I turn off tone mapping or should I leave it on and crank up the peak brightness on the in game settings?

  5. xneotrix

    Hey Vincent, are you aware of the issue with Color Banding on LG OLED C8 (and maybe other 2018 OLED panels from LG) using Xbox One or PS4 over HDMI?
    Especially in HDR and even worse with Dolby Vision!

    I’m an owner of LG OLED C8 and if I’m using for example Netflix natively from LG Smart TV (App) and playing back Dolby Vision content it is absolutely clear and gradients are almost smooth. But using the Netflix App on Xbox One S (which supports Dolby Vision as well) the same content looks awful in areas with smooth gradient – like sunrise in the sky – there are clearly visible color banding artifacts!

    There are a lot of people in different net forums complaining about the same issue. Some of them calling it 5% gray gradient issue. But indeed it is visible on every color gradient. And it doesn’t matter if it’s compressed video or real-time rendered video game as a source. So my assumption is, that it has something to do with processing of HDMI signals from game consoles.

    Maybe you had already mentioned it in one of your reviews, calibration and tests. If not, a kind of test and statement from you would be awesome! 🙂

    If you can reproduce this issue, it would be great to ask LG on the coming CES 2019 if they plan to fix this bug. And if yes (I really hope they are at least aware of that), if they plan to fix it by a firmware update for their 2018 models.

  6. bob dylan

    For normal viewing SDR


    Oled 80
    Contrast 85
    Brightness 50
    Sharpness 10
    Color 50

    Dyn contrast off
    Super res low
    Gamut wide
    Gamma 2.2
    Color temp medium

    NR low
    Mpeg NR low
    Black level low
    Trumotion 3, 3

  7. Anish Snoppy

    sir could you plz tell me lg oled c8PTA, c8PUA, c8PLA which one is best in india market i am interest to buy this model i dont know understand this pta, pua, pla which one to buy plz suggest me

  8. Sorinell

    What I wanted to say is: they launched the new alpha 9 processors all most an year ago and all they have done so far has been to fix the software problems that came with the TV … problems that did not exist on cheaper b8. They showed us some presentation clips how this new processor will revolutionize the motion issues on lg tv's, but they tricked us

  9. lowell a

    One of the coolest dudes on YT in a subject that I like. I’ve purchased an oled tv based on the Research I’ve done which included your channel. Thanks for the reviews.

  10. Ga Me

    Just bought one of these for $1600 USD! Only gripe I have is the motion processing. My Pn51D8000 Samsung Plasma handles motion flawlessly and I can notice it's a downgrade in that regard to this TV. Although of course everything else is superb. Any suggestions for setting the motion settings? I can't stand the soap opera effect. I saw on another video they suggested setting dejudder and smoothing to 3 and 3 to get a decently smooth picture without the soap opera effect. Also I noticed that dark scenes are a little crushed and the only way to really bring out the darkest shadow area details is setting the brightness level up from 50 to 53-54 or so. But then this brings out some of the low grey scale banding and such. Any suggestions on that?


  11. Bill Jones

    Shit TV only good for watching HD or 4K in a dark room , every day cable
    viewing HD is not good or only average, comparable to cheaper TVs .
    On screen cursor remote is also annoying, even when setting to slow
    You have been warned.
    Yes I am a video and audio enthusiast, who owns high video and audio
    ……..advice stick to Sony or Panasonic
    Before you buy ask the store clerk to connect HD cable and play with the
    settings yourself.
    Did you ever wonder why most stores dont have ordinary HD cable
    connected to their high priced LED TVs ?

  12. The HiFi Guy

    Has anyone else noticed that the built-in Amazon prime app on the LG appears to have HDR permanently turned on, despite the TV not recognizing that an HDR signal is being sent? While browsing the menus or watching a movie, the brightness and oversaturated colors can easily be seen by switching back and forth between the same app on the TV and a connected device that is broadcasting SDR correctly.

  13. Mika Melin

    Honestly, when I first found you and this channel my first reaction was… Ahw super techie guy with heavy accent… Great. Great. This won't work.

    But I stuck around and you certainly know your stuff and your sneaky low key humor is amazing. Love your style. It's legit, it is humble and it is genuine, it's unbiased far as I can see. something very few YouTubers don't seem to value these days

    Keep in rocking dude

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