LG 4K TV Product Line Comparison


We’re checking out some choice examples of LG’s 2017 4K TV lineup; we’re going to start with an entry level 4K TV, work our way up to a super UHD TV, then move on to a super UHD TV, and explain what that means, then finish it off with a stunning OLED TV.

First up is LG’s UJ6300 series, the gateway to LG’s 4K TV lineup. As far as entry-level TVs go, this TV is toward the top of the pack, with slightly above average performance. HDR performance brings noticeably better, brighter picture quality, but you’ll find that in dark rooms, your blacks will look sort of gray. There’s three HDMI inputs on the back, and LG’s WebOS system remains one of our favorite, but does not carry LG’s magic motion remote. Gamers will also love this TV, with the UJ6300 carrying low input lag.

Next, is the LG UJ7700, and it ‘s one step up from the UJ6300, whose local dimming we wish could have been better, but does have LG’s Magic Motion remote, superior HDR performance that the UJ6300, and more attractive design. Again, you’ll find extremely low input lag in game mode.

From the Super UHD Line, we have the LG SJ8500, and gets its “super” name from nano cell technology, which attempts to increase brightness and expand the color gamut so you get a wider array of colors. But with all those improved aspects about the SJ8500, you won’t find a huge increase of quality in the local dimming and black levels. But, in a well lit room, this shouldn’t bother you much, and with a low input lag, blur, and super smooth motion, this TV is also great for watching sports or playing games.

Finally, we have the LG E7 and C7 OLED TV, the flagships of LG’s OLED TVs, which have some design differences, but produce the same picture. We are happy to say that these TVs produce the best picture quality we have ever seen in a TV. If you’re looking for a premium TV, there’s no beating LG’s OLED line.


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34 Replies to “LG 4K TV Product Line Comparison”

  1. NiCoOo

    the 2018 entry model 55UJ630T in my country it has hdr10, local dimming, motion control and native 120nz ips panel. I play lots of PC shooting games. will this be a good choice to go for ips panel ?

  2. kyle hass

    is there a way to have no input lag on the sports mode while you play games? I really like how it looks on that mode specifically but it lags. Is there any way to fix this? I would appreciate if someone helped me out here! Thanks

  3. fuzzywuzzy2622

    why have LG TV manufacturers gone to such lengths to confuse the hell of most consumers by making a plethora of different branded TVs or rather the call letters that they put on them? there's the C Series, D series, the E Series, the UJ, the LV, more than I can remember and that's just for the 2017 models. I've been looking for a top of the line LG tv & sound bar and I might as well be from Mars. LG does nothing to help their customers work through T multiple types of TVs and now they have monitor TVs just to add to the mix and the confusion mind-boggling migraine it's all given me. and all the different brands I've looked at and even bought and returned is mind-boggling. since July 2017 I have been looking for a TV and Soundbar after mine was stolen. trying to contact LG has been impossible because they want to know the information about the TV that I don't even have and going to Facebook or messenger for information sent me 2 each other for help. messenger said to go to LG and LG said to go to Messenger. my head is about ready to spend off its axis and go flying out into space. I'm sure there will be a lot of typos and I apologize but in my defense I have brain cancer and my brain seems to be on a permanent vacation. Any help in figuring out what TV and soundbar to get would be greatly appreciated all I ask is that it's a 43 or 42 inch LG TV and the TV and the Soundbar both Kick-Ass and it doesn't matter how much they cost. well it kind of matters, I don't want anything that's cheap or a monitor. I don't even know what the heck a monitor is other than something created to make me crazy. PLEASE HELP BEFORE I GO NUTS!

    oh yes I forgot to mention the many reviews from other countries that don't say what country the product is available in. Accent has no clue as to what country they are from or whether or not the TV and Soundbar will be available in that country or my country because I have watched reviews where they appeared to be from India and that review was about the United States and vice versa. just more confusion to add to the mix. Sorry about the typos.

  4. Evan Yeager

    *Apologies for sounding like a 5 year old*

    So, I ordered the basic LG UJ6300 TV recently, and for some reason, it's all I can think about. I've been searching the internet like crazy for reviews, out of excitement for my new TV. Earlier today, I came across a review by rtings.com and, to the say the least, I was crushed. They totally shit on the TV, and let me be clear, I understand this is no where near a top of the line TV, but I had a budget, and I am upgrading from 1080p.

    I just want to say thank you, really. This review drastically increased my mood.

  5. kwstas ph

    I am thinking to buy lg uj750v in 43 inch… Im wandering if 50hz tv panel is low for clear picture in sports. I dont play games but i want a clear picture in moving scenes both in sports and movies. Has uj750 a clear picture or i have to go to sj810 with 100hz panel?

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