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  1. Sounds Different

    Hey I literally used a hair dryer, and the red light came back ! Then when I put the HDMI cable and chose HDMI in the menu it became frozen with lines everywhere. Do you think the power was not enough ? Do you think it could work better with a 300W heat gut ? Because I cannot buy more expansive for now. Thanks !

  2. th3 Guvnor

    Attempt 3 of fixing my TV here it goes, tested power supply changed capacitors reflowed the solder purchased a new board that came this morning still no good and now ive came across this video il let you know how it goes……. Thanks

  3. Hans Pedersen

    used an oven for laptop for heating up the graphic chip. It works almost every time 🙂 i removed the cpu and ram wires etc. oven was heatet up to 200 celcius and the mainbord was in the oven for 20 minutes. while it was in the oven i clean the fan inside and removed the old themal paste ( was hard as an rock anyway ) themal paste i used was arctic mx4 works every time ?

  4. jemsncrystals

    My lg tv does not powers on. When i flick the wall socket switch ON, the standby Red light comes on goes off comes on goes off and then keeps off. And the television doesn't respond to remote or tv buttons. What could be wrong?

  5. Jinson Jose

    Thanks for the tip. It worked for my TV, which had similar symptoms. Instead of halogen bulb I used incandescent light of rating 100W for 1hr about 3cm above the board. TV turned on successfully. There were also few white lines on the display, they also got fixed. Happy… 🙂 Thanks for the tip.

  6. igoski1

    Thanks for the video and trying to help DIYs. But when you started saying the capacitors should be discharged, your hand was in front of the camera and was blocking what parts the wire you were using was touching to achieve the task and never said what you were touching. You really just blew by this task. So now I have to guess at how to do this.

  7. Wizer Budd

    Absolutely well done video 12voltvids !
    I have the exact same set.My problem is TV will turn on for split second then nothing, red led stays on hit power button again LG logo for split second then die, red led goes off too. Will try halogen heat lamp with spacers and see what happens.

  8. Sergio Verdasco

    It could also happen (took me a month to find out), that you change all led strips and still get a flash and a turn off. But watching carefully, it was only half of the strips flashing.. there was a broken connector in a led strip. So I had all leds ok and voltages ok, but the problem was a connection! CHECK CONTINUITY BETWEEN POWER SOURCE AND LEDS, ALD BETWEEN LEDS. A simple bypass between strips and the TV is back on!!

  9. Nimal Perera

    Accidentally while fixing audio/video cables 12 V/50 mA power entered into the LCD TV's main board from the sat box. Now no power, no stand by light. Where do you thin the problem lie now? Grateful for any advice.

  10. DifferentialTim

    Its always amazing the chips can take such heat for an hour and not be ruined and yet they do at the factory (short time) and here too and totally ok. If after a whole hour with enough heat, it dosent last, then its not going to really doing it again and only option is remove and install "factory" correct! haha with right tools. Perhaps others have applied heat for a short period and it bonded ok but not good enough and thus failed a week later.
    Using a temp probe where the chip is, how hot do you want to achieve as i might make my own similar rig?

  11. exgenica

    Following the "3.3 Volts" issue at about 04.45 min. It is unlikely your handheld DMM is accurate to within 0.2 Volts…especially if not recently calibrated. Look at your meter specs. If you base your troubleshooting on voltage deviations of that magnitude you may waste a lot of time following false trails.
    ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge):
    You're using a wooden table,/desk which helps from an ESD perspective is good as wood generally doesn't pool static charges…but you should also be using ESD wrist strap. You can cause more problems by injecting ESD into the circuitry and a wrist strap is cheap and easy protection.

    That's creative. Perhaps you could use a temp sensor sometime and find out how hot you're getting the chips?

  12. Rob Probin

    Very helpful thanks. A Lg tv I picked up tonight wasn't turning on so I put the gas heater on and placed the back of the tv 2 feet from the heater 25 minutes and a slight distortion to the back plastic I plugged it in and it turned on . Nice cheap Tv.


    I have a Samsung LED TV: I had a premature start premature failure of my TV, t when disconnection completely for 1 hour, the image was turned on and everything worked perfectly. so I made a reflow of the main board (nothing, no change), I made a reflow of the con con (since then, nothing lights) … ref con con: DEL T370HW04 V2 37T06-C00

  14. sawajiri100

    Yes can be save that via reflow or reheat and or reball but if display problem such the Line death pixel or polarized on lcd display is not working properly it can be also save from scratch/disposal?

  15. Ron Thompson

    ??never seen that done.before,very cool.repair ,most people would have thrown that tv out,nice save,and I have a little rework station ,I seldom use the heat fan ,except on a kit with smd parts ,which is not favorite kinda of kits,but I figure I should learn .thanks for another great video.

  16. Jeremy Dennis

    I have this DVD player that I pulled out of a computer tower and power supply and stuff but the DVD is there a way to hook it up to a TV I don't have any computer's or anything can you help me with this please

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