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  1. James Vickers

    I don't know if this is the case, but I saw on another board there was a pin with "EN" (I think?), and I believe what it does is when the power board comes on it checks to see if everything is working with the main board. The main board is supposed to send back an "enable" signal for it to cut on the LED strips. If it doesn't then something is malfunctioning with the main board. I checked all 12 LED strips with a testing device I picked up on Amazon after taking the TV apart (daunting task, by the way).

    I "have" this problem. Replaced the power board, and it didn't work. I don't really trust it to be good but assuming it is maybe it is the main board. So I'm mailing it back today.

    I've watched several videos about "reballing" it. Apparently, the VGA processor gets a micro-crack or something, and it creates a problem which means the mainboard does not send a signal back for them to cut on. Some do it by putting it in an oven at 385 degrees, which seems extreme. I think I'm going to get a heat lamp and try to figure out a way to focus it on the chip for fifteen minutes. It seems more specific, and I still don't understand why the plastic plugs didn't melt.

    What you're doing is heating the board up in place, to melt all the solder again and fix any little cold-solder joints that might have developed. I hope it works, as I'm tired of it. I think the "enable" pin is probably some sort of safety thing–maybe not for fire, but as to not damage other stuff.

  2. jeremy butt

    I got a 60pn6500. Lg. And it shuts down on me I unplug and plug 3or 4 times and it comes back on and then it got worse but I still can't get her back on but when I shut her off she won't come back on until I do the same again I tried some of the ways from the videos near one of them worked just wondering would it be in my power supply box

  3. Brian England

    I am trying to repair an LG50P A5500 . I have removed all the rear panel screws I coud find, but still cant remove the rear panel. It is loose everywhere except near the input panel . Any advice is appreciated!

  4. BADBAZZA2010

    my LG 50PG6010 has been sitting in my spare room for 3 years I never got round to sending the board off to get repaired I plugged it in and pressed the power button screen flashed on for a sec then went off I did it again then pressed the buttons on the bottom of the tv next to the power button repeatedly then the clicking stop and it turned back on like nothing happened

  5. Marisol Marie

    I have an LG 50UH5530-UB I have the same problem. The tv wouldn't turn on at all. When i pressed the power button it would only Flash the LG logo for second and turn off. I've done what you did on the video and removed that little Cable from the main board and my TV turns on and i have sound, but no picture/No back light. Any suggestions??

  6. Jaredbud

    Hey, You Can Fix That! I have the same kind of issue. Took it to my buddies house and he said all the board we're testing at the right voltage. He thinks it's the main board. It's an eax65071307(1.1) but we can't seem to find that anywhere in stock would you have any idea. Rather then taking into some place

  7. Darran Wilson

    Thanks bro! I had the same issue and your video directed me to the same wire that was causing the problem. The TV now work but I have to unplug and re-plug to power the TV on. I order a new input board however the issue turns out to be the power board. I was able to return the input board and refunded the $75.00 spent.

  8. Jon LaShure

     have a May 2010 LG 60PK250 with what appears to be a power supply issue. The standby light Comes on, turns off, on, off, then stays on.

    I received this TV used/broken. After inspection it appears it had some sort of surge through the main board. There were 2 blown diodes on the back side and a red audio connection had some black on it as well as a blue connecter. Not sure what caused these to apparently burn or Get really hot. I have replaced the main board and connecting cable from the power supply to main board. had a green light come on the logic board for a brief period of time first time firing it up after installing the new board. Now back to relay click on the power supply and only standby light coming on. 

    Not sure what to try next, Set had a significant amount of dust on the boards. 

  9. James Wheeler

    Did you find out what that wire was for you pulled out? My TV is a LG 60PN6500 doing kinda same it will power on but screen stays blacked out and the red standby light stays on… When I unplugged the main board and put a jumper in the control board for the screen test it would work but as soon as I would connect it back in it would go back to black screen… I think the stand by light being stuck on is having something to do with it

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