Kuo: iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera Brings the REAL Upgrades?!

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On Pocketnow Daily, we have some deals for the M1 MacBook Pro, Samsung devices and more. It looks like Google is working on an affordable variant of the Pixel Buds. OnePlus just explained why they decided to go with RTOS instead of WearOS for their Watch. According to trusted sources, Apple’s Mixed Reality headset might be coming way sooner than expected. Finally, a new report from Ming Chi Kuo gives us details on the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s camera.

All this and more after the break.

1:42 – Google prepping affordable ‘Pixel Buds A’ whose details just got leaked

2:36 – OnePlus reveals why its first smartwatch doesn’t run Wear OS, and it’s no surprise

3:48 – Apple’s Mixed Reality headset might be unveiled much sooner than expected

4:57 – iPhone 13 Pro Max will stand out with its upgraded wide angle camera: Kuo

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38 Replies to “Kuo: iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera Brings the REAL Upgrades?!”

  1. D'Sar The Darkstar

    I'm kinda sick of people dumping on Wear OS. It's stupid. What good are these longer lasting battery OS If they don't actually DO anything but be fitness bands? That's not a smartwatch… It's a toy.

    You say people only use Wear OS or smartwatches in general for one or two apps? I beg to differ. I power use devices and that's why I don't use iPhones or Apple watches. To me they are grandparents tech. Every Apple watch user I ask tells me they just use the watch for time, notifications, fitness or tracking/monitoring and speaker phone calls. You can do that with a $50 Walmart watch.

    In the Facebook Wear OS group we talk about plethora of Google apps we ACTUALLY USE. Did you ever stop to think why the Galaxy watch 4 is going back to Wear OS and possibly dumping Tizen?

    Ya… So I have to charge the battery on occasion if I'm power using but that's just it… You don't power use older Galaxy watches or Apple watches. On Wear OS, there'sb the super powerful, far superior to Alexa, Siri and Bixby; Google Assistant to start. From it placing phone calls to playing Google Assistant voice games like Trivia Crack because it talks to the same apps as Google Home. Those are apps you don't even have to download!

    Then there's taking Google keep notes, controlling my smart home devices and broadcasting through my house when I'm in need an away from my Home speakers.
    Google Pay on my watch is flawless.

    There's so many 3rd party apps starting with fun games when I'm bored and can't or don't have my phone nearby, I can use it as a remote camera monitor, watch YouTube, listen to music onboard or through Pandora, use Google maps and several compasses. I'm in retail so I need the calculator and sometimes Google translate.

    When I can't find the remote for my Sony android TV I can use the watch, make audio recordings on the fly or take voice memos, then there's Facebook messenger, SMS messengers like Google and more…

    So to me, Wear OS is truly a Swiss Army knife. I continue to download useful apps and if I over use it, I charge it during my drive to or from work. It only takes about 30 minutes to be back to 100% if the 30% warning comes on so I top off.

    I turn away a lot of people in the Facebook Wear OS group because they don't answer the entry question properly ( seriously, all they have to do is tell me what their WearOS watch model is). Entry is strict because I don't want Tizen and apple trolls causing trouble bad mouthing an OS that Google is finally ramping up updates and fixes for. They fixed performance and battery life and even fixed the formerly broken "Hey Google" wake words.

    I have a Galaxy Active 2 in the house and I have to say it's not nearly as impressive as my Fossil Carlysle when it comes to apps and true user value after the recent updates.

    Sorry if this was long but I'm tired of people acting like Wear OS is some bastard step child when it's actually quite capable and smooth.

  2. J. C

    The majority of people who bought the max was for the size and the so called camera improvement . It will be the same with the13. Outside techies people don’t know the difference in cameras. If you want the big phone you get the max.

  3. grapesofwrath1984

    The only thing I want Apple to do with iPhone 13 Pro/Max’s camera is fix the goddamn terrible flares/glares/orbs/whatever you call it. They’re just too exaggerated in the 11 and 12 Pro/Max.

  4. Mike Coshan

    I have the 12 pro max and the camera isn’t significantly better than my Xsmax I was hoping for a comparable zoom to the s21 ultra but that’s not going to happen (at least for another few years) so I may as well just upgrade to an s21 or whatever Samsung comes up with in 2022 rather that wait for Apple to finally recognise that people want great cameras with great optical zooms ( I say people ..I meant me )

  5. nuyou21

    Google Pixel Buds A, OnePlus Watch and Wear OS… Well, it is April Fools Day. Then again, if your an Android user, every day must feel like April Fools Day. 😂🤣🎤

  6. dansales247

    If it had the periscope lens like Huawei and Samsung have done then I’ll be all for the Pro Max, otherwise no just for an aperture change or something else. As much as I am deep in the Apple ecosystem I’m disappointed how Apple used to be far ahead and yet in my opinion seems like they are falling behind

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