Konnected + SmartThings SmartApp installation and setup

This tutorial walks you through the one-time setup steps to install Konnected with SmartThings. You’ll need a SmartThings hub, access to a computer, and an iPhone or Android phone with the SmartThings Mobile app installed.

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### Important Links ###
SmartThings IDE login:
Konnected Github Repository:

### Skip Ahead ###
Connecting GitHub to SmartThings:
Import the Konnected SmartApps:
Import the Konnected Device Handlers:
Set up Konnected in SmartThings: Import the Konnected SmartApps:
Smart Home Monitor: Import the Konnected SmartApps:
Automate Arming & Disarming: Import the Konnected SmartApps:
Set up a Door Chime: Import the Konnected SmartApps:
Manual installation (without GitHub): Import the Konnected SmartApps:

22 Replies to “Konnected + SmartThings SmartApp installation and setup”

  1. Greg Brady

    If anyone else gets to the step at 5:32 of the video where you "Tap here to start discovery" and it never finds anything. You must first connect your device to your home's wifi. Took me a bit to figure this out. Go here to connect to wifi and then go back to start discovery.

  2. Eulayses Perry

    Anyone know how to delay the alarm when coming home, it sounds as soon as I open the door. Yes I know I can use the app and the presence sensor, but it failed more than once and I had to use the panel

  3. MrMysticSeer

    Thanks Nate at Konnected! In the past few days I setup my Konnected alarm. I removed my DSC 832 and replaced it with a 12 zone Konnected system. Wow, working great. Such a fun project. My alarm is now 21st century! If my alarm is tripped I receive a text on my iPhone and the text comes immediately!

    I have Alexa talk to me when the front door opens. I am hooking up a SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor to my doorbell and will soon have Alexa tell me when the doorbell rings. I will have it send me a text every time the doorbell rings so when I am away from my home I can know it was rung. I could have it send me a text only if the alarm is set to "away" mode.

    I can have the alarm set to "away" automatically when both my wife and I leave the house and set to "disarmed" when we walk up to the house. So cool! Some even put up a color bulb and have the bulb change color to indicate the status of the alarm. The cool options are endless. I don't want it to be a hobby so I want just the simple stuff and it does everything I need it to do with little effort on my part.

  4. Travis Law

    I followed your instructions to the letter but don't get anything on SmartThings Classic when I go to My Apps, it's blank. I even deleted it and did the steps again. I'm using a Pixel 3 running Android Pie.

  5. usasupra23

    How can we add a Central Monitoring Company to the Konnected unit? Also, if I'm​ not home and have no service will the alarm siren timeout over time or will it keep going once triggered forever?

  6. Cody Stice

    When I get to the point of add a smart app and add a connected devise I hit konnected alarm panel I receive an error code that says unexpected error. Then I can go no further?

  7. Peter Schultze

    One more question. My Ademco /Honeywell system has some wireless sensors and a receiving wireless module hooked in. Can this wireless stuff be integrated? Ademco 5816 units? Or maybe Honeywell 5816s. If not, what would I use to replace them? Thanks! Really hate losing my 10$ / month subscription – hooked to company with CDMAX4G-TC2. No way to integrate this? Thanks!

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