Konnected Review | Convert Your Wired Alarm System to a Smart Alarm

Konnected is a device that replaces the motherboard of your existing wired home security system. This allows you to bridge your current wired sensors to a smart home hub. In this review, I’ll discuss using Konnected with a SmartThings hub. We’ll address rule creation and third-party integrations as well as general information about using Konnected including problems you might run into.

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As mentioned in the video, Konnected provided a device for testing.

20 Replies to “Konnected Review | Convert Your Wired Alarm System to a Smart Alarm”

  1. it's Rose

    Next week, Konnected is launching a new device that will bridge your existing home security system to your hub of choice. The new device will allow you to keep your existing motherboard and security service in place but allow you to tie the sensors into automated rules.

  2. more jello please

    is this still the best one? I have a brand new house, and it came with an old 1990's alarm panel, they want $50 a month to monitor .. screw that! why can't i buy an IP communicator device thru some company and have my alarm send signals thru an ethernet cable to an app? that way you become the monitoring company. i'm finding nothing will work with my interlogix NX-8v2 unless someone has done this? all the alarm companies want me to buy new equipment thru them which is just silly and most of it is still old stuff. there has to be a way to interface an old alarm system with a DECENT app.

  3. SteveV

    Thanks for this video and bringing our attention to this great product. Install did take me 3 hours because my alarm service panel had “zero” names for my zones. Based on Nate’s great videos and documentation, I was able to identify the motion sensor by its 4 wires. Hallelujah! Love the SmartThings integration and ability to create elaborate automated behavior. Love your videos.

  4. Zac DeLesDernier

    The "resistor" issue you mentioned is important and hopefully pretty universal. They make it possible for an alarm panel to figure out if the wire (connecting the sensor to the panel) is damaged somewhere. Hopefully, Konnected can handle this.

  5. rick hope

    First great video! As always very informative and you are extremely knowledgeable with all the product you review. Second, as a former installer for wired alarm systems, inside that security panel looked awful! Not having things label is also unacceptable! Zones should have been marked on the wires coming into the panel. The fact that you figured out how to get some zones working is impressive. Most people open up their security panels and have no clue where to start especially with no labels. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s up next!

  6. Limestar

    Konnected is at the top of my list to get. I don’t see a ton of info on YouTube, but I’m eager to get my 15 year old alarm system tied into smart things and my automations.

  7. Ward Brooks

    I installed this about a year ago. I went the diy route and ordered the development board and installed the Konnected firmware. I replaced my keypad with an old ipad and I use the ActionTiles app. I am using the Smartthings hub as well. I'm really pleased so with how it all came together. Great review btw!

  8. David McCabe

    I was so excited when I saw this product last year. I ordered it, received it, and it still sits in the box. I love the idea of this as I have added some sensors to my ST network to do much the same. I'm still a little shy on pulling the trigger and moving everything over to Konnected though. It's not Konnected, it's SmartThings I'm worried about. I still have issues with sensors disappearing, low battery notices not working, and have 3 other humans to consider. Lastly, my other humans need a pin pad in order to interact with a system like this. We need a "Red Dot" on the wall to tell us if it is armed or not. I'm probably not going to be successful putting tablets on the walls in three locations either. Upkeep of the "smart tiles" doesn't excited me either. We arm the old system at night just for the break in scenario and also love the beep when a door opens. I would have already gone to the ring system if you could add your own sensors and have it monitored professionally. That's not the case. So…maybe I should give this a try and document the process in case i have to do a CTRL-Z. CMD-Z for you Mac folks.

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