Kallax The Best TV stand for game collections !! ( and Best inserts for games / consoles)

After my video on the Tv side of my game room I keep evolving the space. One issue was how to Display and play my top loading consoles. I spent some time looking to find the best tv stand and it is the Kallax. I go in depth as to why and the many add ons! Collect what you love! You guys are awesome!

Items in the video can be found on Ikea’s Website here :
(Just search kallax) their site is very slow. EDIT : The Kallax shelf divider I used to make multiple shelf spaces seems to have been removed from their site. It could still be in store however

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24 Replies to “Kallax The Best TV stand for game collections !! ( and Best inserts for games / consoles)”

  1. Velosiped

    Improve those Kallax with some 1/8" tempered hardboard (cut by the home improvement warehouse for you), painted white, and tacked onto the back of your shelf with some #18 3/4" wire nails. Grab a 1 1/4" hole saw attachment for your drill or bitdriver and make a discreet hole in each cube where you need to pass an A/V and power cord. This will – 1. Hide your tangled mess of cords without having to do time consuming, crazy routing tricks. 2. Prevent dust coming in from the back of your shelf (you can silicone seal the edge around the backing board for an airtight backing). 3. LED lighting won't diffuse out of the back of your shelf, and will look MUCH better and be more efficient. 4. You now have a huge, unseen surface to mount those switchers, upscalers, line-doublers, etc. if you want to get really crazy.

  2. Retro Wolf 13

    Awesome buddy thank you so much I just moved my game room and needed an idea for what to have I really love your set up and have subscribed to your channel I just got monetised so at the beginning of my journey really glad I found your channel ?

  3. EfreetEater

    Great video! This was helpful, as I didn't know Ikea had most of these inserts other than the baskets and such for these. I'm about to do some rearranging, and I may pick some of these up.

  4. jrizzle421

    I have one of these for my record collection. The small 2×2 ones are infact built solid. I can stand on it and it doesn't wobble at all. Great video. Awesome game room.

  5. Lon Reed

    I pieced together 6 of those wooden crates they sell at Walmart, Home Depot. You can fit 2 consoles per crate. Plus, it’s easy to make inserts for the standing upright crates. My set up holds 10 retro console and on the bottom holds all my strategy guides.

  6. derek fisher

    Loved my first time At ikea!! Awesome video by the way!! Did you have to customize the backboard? Or did it come with the kallax stand? mine didn’t come with the backboard for some reason ? now i have to go to Home Depot & make a backboard myself

  7. Krys M

    This is an awesome video! I have a Target brand organizer so I'd have to see if it would work with its dimensions. I wonder if there would be a way to rig something like a sliding drawer mechanism to slide out the consoles to swap games and cords easier? With this not being solid wood it may not be a good idea to drill into it too much. But perhaps there could be other ways to install a sliding mechanism. I couldn't find an item already made that would work. Keep up the great work!

  8. Your Player 2

    Awesome work as always, dude! I knew about the drawer inserts (though I use the fabric ones) but never noticed all the shelving option ones! Weirdly enough I'm about to buy a white kallax also and I'm almost certainly going to use some of these ideas to give me some more storage in what is largely an empty room right now!

  9. Pete Fighter II

    I've had a huge Kallax (well, Expedit, but that was what came before Kallax) TV unit for years and I love it, I use the H inserts to divide cubes and it comfortably houses my 55" TV and nearly all of my 22 non-handheld consoles, probably would take them all but a couple aren't set up. It's also great for board game storage too.

  10. Do You Nerd?

    Oh man, those inserts!!! I love that! With the cube shelving we have, I'm often thinking about all of that wasted, open space above the consoles and would love some of these–I wonder if the inserts would fit what we already have…hmmm… Very well done!!

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