Josh Wink – Higher State of Consciousnes (original VIDEO)

The original video of Josh Wink – Higher State of Consciousnes

This is NOT the original version of this song. This is the “dex & jonesey’s radio edit”.

Those good years..

27 Replies to “Josh Wink – Higher State of Consciousnes (original VIDEO)”

  1. neil pearson

    I feel I missed out not getting into the "E" scene. My ex GF was well into it and it sounded fucking awesome, I'm pretty sure she didn't tell me everything she got up to!!!!!! Fantastic tune too

  2. MrOap

    Music , leave your phone internet and status at the door . Love music , enjoy ya-selves . Everyone love your friend, neighbour , playmate . WE are the world love

  3. Alex C

    on my walkman this song only had one volume, maximum!!!! when i was at uni in Nottingham i occasionally woke up at 5am and belted this out on my stereo just for all my housemates to wake up knowing that they were alive. They didnt appreciate it.Honestly if you listen to this track at maximum volume 3 or 4 times in a row you can go into a kind of trance, and go a little bit deaf, but hey.

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