'Joker' Director Todd Phillips Says He'll SOMEDAY Answer Theories | Full Interview

ET’s Ash Crossan sat down with Todd Phillips to discuss ‘Joker,’ in theaters Oct. 4.

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  1. Edgar Santos

    Others: yo, make a movie so we can sold tons of merc, movie without a merc ain't a movie.

    Todd: let's make a movie that hopefully became a masterpiece and being talked and discussed for years to come.

    YO Todd i can say now you've become the best in your Job for me, straight to number 1. So good to see there's still someone who can treat this things more than just some franchise selling ads, you got my respect man, I'd wait for every movie you'll churn out as i believe whatever you got you'll do it best.

  2. Philippe Mudaheranwa

    It has been confirmed recently , after passing one billion profit, that there will be many sequels to that. so what mr.Phillips is saying in this interview is no longer true. Money talk. We just have to hope that we will have a great trilogy as we had with Nolan'S

  3. IrisS S

    I do not know English very well. I'm from Russia. But I watched the video without taking my eyes off. Thanks to Joaquin and Todd and the whole team for their high art !!!

  4. ShamRock1938

    I am a deeply obsessed "Batman/Joker" fanatic, I have followed every little article, interview, analysis, roomer, blurb, insider info, 'dis'information, headline, quote, misquote, post, tweet, blip, blurp, bloop, blop, burp, fart, and comment, about the 'stand-alone' first Super Villains deep dark Origin story movie that would come to be "JOKER"… Im DC`4`Life!! & am not easily pleased, This Film was close to perfection! perfection in the sense of an actual character 'study' (story of) the Joker. this is what it should've been! and Was! knowing that I can't imagine someone else playing (the man who "devolves" into what turns into being) -Joker, after seeing Phenix do it, it couldn't have been acted better by any actor alive, & that says everything! ((Heath ledger is still king,, but the joker was full bloom when Ledger portrayed him, so its apples and oranges there) thanks for doing it sooo right!

  5. Tudor Tomescu

    Bullshit !!!!!!!!!!! This idiots forgot to put the "why so serious" scene in the movie….i am sure you guys remember the story said in Heath Ledger episode. No coherence, no art….just a few tricks and too busy witu the social impact

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