'Joker' Director Todd Phillips on The Struggle of Getting an "Anti-Comic Book Movie" Made | Close Up

Todd Phillips (‘Joker’) joins Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter for this season’s Directors Roundtable to talk about the difficulties in getting the movie made, the pre-release backlash for the violence in the film, and more.

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46 Replies to “'Joker' Director Todd Phillips on The Struggle of Getting an "Anti-Comic Book Movie" Made | Close Up”

  1. confused mind

    Watch my videos and subscribe to my channel if you like em..i am 20 and wanna be an actor..have posted afew snippets of heath ledger in TDK and the JAOQUIN PHEONIX laugh..critisisms and compliments will be appretiated..CHEERS

  2. Michael Stricker

    I usually never say this, but my soul whispered "masterpiece" as soon as I finished Joker. I dreamed about it. I can't stop thinking about that glorious Blood Smile ending….how it slowly burned towards that moment. Wow!

  3. **

    Another hack who will be forgotten after this film. Take Joaquin out of the film and you’ll see how dry the Joker is. Todd should be kissing Joaquin’s feet.

  4. John Rigs

    I think this movie will prove revolutionary.
    I bet it will inspire filmmakers to do more small,serious and dramatic takes on Comic book material and this will begin to elevate them to a point where they will perhaps begin be taken more seriously by the film community in the future…

  5. RocStarr913

    Todd Phillips, judging by this movie and his previous movies, is obvious what you get when a lowlife degenerate makes it in Hollywood. People like him used to be restricted to low-budget exploitation fare shown in grindhouses back in the 1970’s. The Joker movie will create more killers and mass shooters eventually, if not right away.

  6. Snake13

    Don't get me wrong, i love Joker and Todd and Joanquin's work but Joker is a comic book character, he needs to understand why WB was hesitating, this character, this brand has been here for 80 years, and actually merch did came first than comic book movies, merch and pajamas and action figures are important for the geek culture even if Joker is not one of those films.

  7. moviefan

    What a tough life Phillips has had. First, PC culture ruined his comedy career and then studios tried stopping his movie. Wish WB had succeeded, so I didn't have to waste 2hrs on that garbage Joker

  8. sebastian alegria

    Without Joaquin, Joker wouldn't have been a succesful movie, so the movie's key was him. In addition, thanks to this film, I noticed how tremendous actor Joaquin Phoenix is because of his intensity, and capacity to play Joker, whose character isn't neccesary his imitation, more better his creation with a different approach.

  9. Laura D

    What Joker did more than any other film around that table is renew my love of film! People who hadn't bothered with the cinema for years got up out of their armchairs and went to see it. I've seen most of the films at this table and none of them came close to having the same impact on me as Joker. It's the first film I've seen for a long time which got people really talking! I can remember walking home from work and there was a couple in front of me talking about a scene from a film and I knew immediately that they were discussing Joker.

    Whether they care to admit it (or not) there are three films around that table which were made mostly for TV audiences, people didn't have to go and queue in line and buy a ticket because they knew they could just wait a couple of weeks and they could watch them in the comfort of their own homes. I'm not saying that's a bad thing but, they should all be thanking Todd (and Joaquin) because there will be people who will now watch their films because critics are saying they are better films than Joker. However, Joker didn't have the support of the critics, it was "word of mouth" which made it into the juggernaut, people watched the film and told their friends. When a film makes over $1 billion on a limited budget and everyone in the industry/media hell bent on trying to make it fail then all I can say is "shame on them". They're so out of step with what people want that maybe they should have a look at changing their careers! Joker was a very good film. It didn't promote (or glamorise) violence, it made us all look at ourselves and question whether we are doing enough to help that guy across the street who we all think is a little "odd".

    The Academy and others may not want to give Todd Phillips and Joker awards but, by ignoring it they will once again show how out of touch they are with what audiences want from a film. Joaquin Phoenix may not give two hoots about awards but, those of us who have seen Joker think he (and the film) deserve formal recognition for that performance. Sometimes these awards are not about the actor per se it's about the audience being rewarded for encouraging their friends and family to go and watch a truly phenomenal performance.

  10. Syklone

    Artists want to take risks and explore uncharted territory. Money men play it safe and just want the same thing over and over again. The thing is, most popular products are made from taking risks. I wish they'd learn this.

  11. Silo Bashdemomarxists

    Why does hollywood pervert Kevin Spacey's accusers keep dying. 3 this year. That lovely on the outside rotten on the inside coven of witches and warlocks disguised as entertainers in drug addled, porn infected, pedo-wood hollywood.

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