Johnny vs. The Playstation

Every gamer had a console they grew up with, and when I wasn’t playing Final Fantasy VI on my SNES, I was trying something new out on the newly-released Playstation 1. From 1996 until 2000, there was no other console or handheld I spent the same amount of time on; the PS1 had everything I needed, and didn’t make me hate the fact that I missed out on the Nintendo 64 or Sega Saturn when they were all the rage.

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  1. Jei Johnson

    I was actually afraid you didn't get the chance to play Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. When you mentioned 'em, I was like "Hell yeah!". Dunno why I was happy for you playing it, but I was. Lol. They were just great games. Then you said you never played Chrono Cross and I was like "Dude, really?". Damn near boo'd along with the audio track. Lol.

    Shame you never got to play Legend of Dragoon and didn't like Final Fantasy VIII, though. Seriously, I expect a Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross review before 2020.

  2. StrayGamer

    Still the best playstation review on youtube. I never get tired of watching it. I would love more Johnny Vs videos like this, dedicated to a specific console, it’s games and his memories of playing them

  3. Aidan Redding

    I don't know why, but shortly after they got married my dad told my mom he wanted this console. She got it for him that Christmas and they had 4 games before they forgot about it. It wasn't used again until my brother and our friend found it. We all had fun with it for a while, but then it was kind of forgotten again until I started getting into old games. I not only bought a memory card, but also Ape Escape and my collection will continue to grow.

  4. moskillz76

    I was late getting a Playstation until 1998 as I had a Genesis and SNES with a big library of games for both. I had a few friends in college that had Playstations and it by the time I was in my senior year I knew I had to get one. My first game was Soul Blade and I played the hell out of it, unlocking every secret. That game started my love all all things Soul Calibur and Playstation. Eventually, I got Castlevania SOTN pretty soon after.

  5. Dragon Izu

    My Big Bro used to have the Original PlayStation 1 Console back from the late 1990’s but he got rid of it…I never owned a PlayStation 1 Console when I first played it as a kid…I like it! It was my Second and Favorite Console of all time! 4 years ago back in March 12, 2015, I bought the PSOne at the Garage Sale where Jill used to live here close to my house. The PSOne is small, cost $25, and works better than the Original PlayStation 1. It brings back memories to my childhood! 😊👍🏻🎮

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