JJRC Elfie / JJRC H37 Pocket Selfie Camera Drone (Zerotech Dobby clone)

The JJRC Elfie or the JJRC H37 is a wannabe clone of the popular folding drone, the ZEROTECH Dobby. While the Dobby costs upwards of $300, the JJRC Elfie / JJRC H37 will be on sale for under $50.

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Of course it won’t feature GPS features and a camera like the ZEROTECH Dobby, but it’ll still be something worth checking out, especially if you want to get a taste of foldable drones. You can find the best foldable drones here:

The JJRC H37 / JJRC Elfie should be made available to buyers in the coming couple of weeks or so.

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