Jim Balsillie concerned about Canada’s coziness with Huawei | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley

Canadian tech pioneer Jim Balsillie talks about why he thinks the government is too cozy with Huawei in an exclusive interview with Wendy Mesley. Balsillie says he is “extraordinarily concerned” about Ottawa’s approach to the security concerns surrounding the Chinese telecom giant’s 5G networks.
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44 Replies to “Jim Balsillie concerned about Canada’s coziness with Huawei | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley”

  1. Tony Wu

    Sounds like we should stop international trade and stop international academic exchanges. We should not use anything that is not build in Canada. We should not use Android phone nor iPhone but just Blackberry. We should stop any foreign company to invest R&D in Canada instead of industrial espionage.

  2. urdbest

    Canada is wrong in supporting an extradition treaty for a 100% politically motivated harassment. . Canada should not support US terrorism. US is just taking advantage of Canada. China has always been Canada's friend until the Huawei event. Not worth it, not for US terrorism.

  3. Jan Li

    Being an evil empire of surveillance, the 5 eye alliance naturally reject equipment they can't backdoor and desire their own to eavesdrop on friends and foes. Merkel and Snowdon can tell you a thing or two.

  4. Silverlight983

    The guy stopped short to admit that the 5 "eye" countries have been using their telecom equipment to spy on other countries and their own citizen. Nevertheless, Snowden has already disclosed the fact that the US clearly did, even on its allies who are not part of 5 eyes, like Germany. You can be certain that all other 4 eyes including Canada did.

  5. Jason Cyr

    Why doesn't he talk about how canada helped the chinese put high tech sensors on the ocean floor right off the u.s. coast infront of a major u.s. sub base,right in the middle of the busiest sub route,keep up great work Canada helping chinese spy on your allies who actually protect you because your military is worse then mexicos at this point

  6. HPCthulhu2011

    Huawei was able to produce hardware because the production facilities are located in China. America has this work done in China. Huawei invested into R&D but so do all technology companies using shareholder money.

  7. Caden Young

    So many comments blaming the US and seeming to argue that China is right. But in reality you can’t deny that the control of big international firms is threatening. Huawei has operated as an arm of the Chinese state in the past. Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple are not in cohorts with the US government, even if they do collect massive amounts of data. People commenting don’t seem to see that China invests for political gain and more power. Foreign firms need to be under more close regulation at a minimum, because the control they have over every single user’s data is a huge responsibility that should not be given lightly.

  8. Nic ndahouse

    5 eyes alliance got you all scared. Good. Best way to control the weak is through fear. US spies on everyone and Israel steals US secret info all the time and sells it to other countries.

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