Jeffré Phillips Proposes to La Toya Jackson | Life with La Toya | Oprah Winfrey Network

On the upcoming season of Life with La Toya, longtime friend and business partner Jeffré Phillips proposes to La Toya. How will La Toya respond to his shocking proposal? Will she be the next Jackson to get married? For more on #LifeWithLaToya, visit

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La Toya Jackson, the most lovable and unpredictable member of the famous Jackson dynasty, big changes are underway is the star of “Life With La Toya”. La Toya’s taking charge of her life and busier than ever, who knew that “life on top” could be so full of ups and downs?

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Jeffré Phillips Proposes to La Toya Jackson | Life with La Toya | Oprah Winfrey Network

24 Replies to “Jeffré Phillips Proposes to La Toya Jackson | Life with La Toya | Oprah Winfrey Network”

  1. HRH Kashogghi

    Sorry No………Hes Gay! A straight man who is in love wouldn't work as a assistant partner with a woman for 14 years and then decide hes in love now that they are entering senior citizenship. he should have had someone else in his life to show for it by now…No….a straight man couldn't do that but a /gay man could?

  2. Deplorably Candid

    just when you think this ridiculously scripted skid-mark of a "reality" show can't get any funnier, the flaming assistant with the threaded drag-queen eyebrows asks the elderly virgin Latoya to marry her/him. HOW could i never have heard of this show before? it's insane: just like the Jacksons.

  3. Leah Brown

    I never never thought she would do that to Jeffrey. Poor guy. Poor Toy. I feel sorry for her but she drives me CRAZY. She has this great match (for her) standing right in front of her and what does she do? Throw it away? Shame on her. What about those of us who can't find that in our lives? It's not fair. She's too used to having her way and being able to bail out of anything she wants. I can't believe she didn't care enough about her friends to speak to them again before they left. They must not be as close of friends as she lets on. ..just big names to fill the room. Seems like she'd be more worried about what they thought when she was rude to them more than what they would think when she made the announcement! I love Toy but I'm sorry I'm really frustrated at what she is doing to Jeffrey.

  4. Cheryl Kreske

    Dear: La Toya – I know exactly what's going on . First of all with a Life of having to take orders from Your Dad (Joseph) then Your First Husband (As shy as you are) – to finally have a Life where – Not only is Jeffre Business Manager and Friend – You felt safe – to be yourself !!! Emotions are 'Fragile' – with the World following every event of you and your Family's Life – to have a 'Emotional Imbalance' – as a Attachment Disorder' – Maybe even By Polar – is very common !!! Your Friend Kathy Hilton – was very wrong to ask you- such a personal question about 'Being a Virgin" – I sensed – she was playing up to the cameras -Your other Gal Friends are 'pushing' – you too much !!! They also are not realizing – It's not that you do not love Jeffrey – It's just such a large Venue – that needs to be taken – one step at a time !!! This man is the right man for you !! If you lose him – someday you will be truly sorry !!! I have the same disorder – and let my Best Friendand Husband go – and it was the worst mistake I ever made !!! It is not easy with Women our age finding a Man who truly loves us !! – Just the way we are !!!  And Jeffre needs to understand – your relationship now has changed – and to also have patience with you !! Your Fan Cheryl  – Two Year Engagement is perfect – Look at Jessica Simpson – Two Children and then finally they were able to plan a Weddding ! My advice No Children !!! Stay being an Aunt to Michaels children and yor other Brothers Children.  Have Fun !!!

  5. Demetria McLaurin

    YES..I'm Glad Jeffre Has Decided 2 Propose.. From The Day She Introduced Him On The 1st Season… I Thought It Seems That Is The Man She Should Be With… It's Now Said They r Now Married… Good 4 Them… Happy 4 LaToya & Jeffre… HIP, HIP, HOORAY… CONGRATULATIONS…

  6. Nicey Cahill

    I don't think he is gay because if he was I would think LaToya would know by now, plus, Paris Hilton's mom is one of LaToya best friends and she always knew Jeffe loved LaToya. I think he does arches his eyebrows but that's because back in the day a lot of men did that because they wanted to look perfect and maybe Jeffe just don't know how to make a change from that. I mean he's not a bad looking guy, when he was younger he was so fine. I think he needs to get back in the gym and slim down then he would look even better, but he still looks nice…he's way better then that terrible first husband who just wanted to beat her and get money. So, good luck to them, I hope they'll be very happy…because LaToya is a "Diva" but Jeffe apparently loves the challenge and it's probably a turn for him.


    I hope he did not propose just to drum up views for the show. She is a Jackson and people always wanna know whats happening in the world of her and her family members. Just be Latoya and she wilk be fine. She has been for a long time.

  8. jdjddd

    I don't think Jeffre is gay at all. Some men are just a little feminine and some women are masculine ..There are women who. fix flat tires, lift large objects,,and can fly airplanes….. does that mean they look  or act gay?

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