JBL Link View – Smart Speaker With Google Assistant

JBL Link View – Smart Speaker With Google Assistant
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27 Replies to “JBL Link View – Smart Speaker With Google Assistant”

  1. Emilio Favorite Music

    Sorry but does it have:
    1 – Usb or sd card port?
    2 – Remote controller?
    3 – Internal memory or Ram?
    4- Individually play You Tube?
    5- Open Skype, Facebook Messenger and other app for video calls? (without any phone)
    6- Virtual screen keyboard for Google or You Tube search?
    7 – Can you play video and mp3 files from its memory?

  2. Tomiak

    its always annoying to stop my google assistant because some reviewers are testing google assistant commands….
    edit: 10 minutes into this video right now and at this point i stop bc it really pissed me of to shut down all the commands at my home and you are playing like for 3 minutes another youtube video?? why tf

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